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Need a bit of help please!


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That's what I've done so far.I just made it to try out some new brushes using adobe photoshop 8.0.It's the first one I've ever made.Does anyone on here that uses photoshop know how to add a border.




And also what are some good render sites other than http://www.gamerenders.com?(this site doesn;t work for me for some reason..




Thanks alot in advance guys!



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looking alright for your first, it needs some more contrast. as for a simple border, make a new layer (crtl shift n) and the crtl a, then go edit-stroke and chose the settings. tech borders are a little trickier, i suggest you search for a tut on google. another render site is planetrenders.net


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Sorry I got confused with the border bit.




I click control+A and it highlightsit but then what do I do?Where do I find edit stroke?




and also how do I make something transperant after using magik wand on it?





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