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  1. the colours are horrible - and it looks very washed out. try again!!
  2. make it a high chair (babies eating chars with the table attached 8D) :twisted:
  3. the text needs anti-aliased - looks very choppy atm. if you done the guy very nice job. if you didnt.... meh.
  4. i like the first one. none of thme take amazing ammounts of skill, but i do like the 1st one : u need to move past brushing btw :thumbsup:
  5. wow. they all look EXTREMELY realistic compared to most 3d renders i see. GJ =D>
  6. 1/10 on all of them - im in a good mood tonight.
  7. tht would actually be quite good without the RS stuff on it.
  8. maybe vader vs wakka? =P
  9. lol! thats a lot of lies. i know for a fact most of them werent playing RS when they left so theres that theory out the window :thumbsup:
  10. it would be nice if the upside down cow wasnt a cow.. kinda ruins the feeling xD
  11. If we have such low standards and we say your work is alright then it must really suck, STOP BEING SO GRUMPY! God every post of your you seem to complain about the forums, it's not like anyones forcing you to use them... em... what? you never said my work was good. u all said it sucked except maybe nad. and im just saying that this is FAR from a graphics forum - the work here isnt exactly top notch since all the big pixelers went elsewhere.... and do u ever wonder WHY they went elsewhere? >_>
  12. I doubt that's true, I know for a fact that many signature makers render themselves from stocks. and? if theyre not copyright its still allowed.
  13. ripping is something that is NOT allowed. taking renders off of render sites is. and i am a nice person - i just hate blatant rippers that think theyre good when, the rip itself is bad.
  14. jeez, you asked us what u thought - dont take a period when you dont like what you hear. and mate, you really have to practise if a RUNESCAPE FORUM thinks your bad >_>
  15. grats on taking pics from runescape, and then pasting them onto a blank doc. really, bravo! you make sig makers far and wide jealous at ur ripping other peoples work skillz =D>
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