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Need Big Time Money Making Help


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Hello, I know this is going to sound really stupid but I really need help making money.




Someway, Somehow I need to make some cash. (This isn't the part, The stupid part is that im level 89 :shock: ) I've tried a lot of things to make money but nothing seems to work.




I would really appricate (Sorry if thats spelled wrong) any and all help on this matter.




I'll post my combat stats and non-combat stats and hope for the best, I guess.




Combat Stats






Attack - 71


Strength - 75


Defence - 70


Hitpoints - 73


Range - 63


Prayer - 48


Magic - 64




Non Combat Stats (Or at least the ones worth posting)






Woodcutting - 72


Fishing - 64


Cooking - 64


Fletching - 61


Crafting - 51


Mining - 62


Smithing - 47 (Not one of my best -.-)


Herblore - 38


Slayer - 42


Runecrafting - 33 (The worst one of them all :wall: )




Thank you for looking at my posts and a big thanks to anyone who gave me some suggestions :3>


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if u get ur runecrafting up high enough to make nats, its good money making them though the abyss. i as 51 runecrafting and was useing all small, mid and large pouches, plus somethimes useing a energy pot and i was making about 480k/hr

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Well thank you everyone for posting help and I really give a huge thanks to those who voiced their opinions.




I'll set a goal of doing runecrafting. I might post it if I feel like I get bored after a while.




Again another thank you to everyone who gave their idea's.






I think this can be closed.


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lol who wants 10k....




colect herblore 2nds and sell them 1m+ for 1k of them



~ÃÆââ¬Â Ã¢ââ‰â¢ÃÆââââ¬Ã¡ÃâìÃÆÃââââ¬Ã¦R ÃÆââââ¬Å¡Ã¬ÃâàHÃÆââââ¬Ã¡Ãâì ÃÆââ¬Å¡ÃâöNÃÆââ¬Å¡ÃâÃ

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I would work on Runecrafting until you can craft nats. That would get you mining and runecrafting xp. Then cut yews and make bowstrings. Then find someone(maybe me? :wink: )who would be willing to trade you already fletched yew longs for your yew logs and bowstrings. Then highalch the bowstrings using nats you made for 768gp each. If you don't want to work on runecrafting, you can buy nats at 300 each, but then you will only gain 468gp per highalched yew longbow. This is definately the easiest way to make money if you have the appropriate skills. Once you can fletch yew longs yourself, this method works even better. When you can cut magics, you can get someone to make magic longs for you and high alch them for a whopping 1.5k(rounded) each. That's about twice as much as the money gained from highalching a yew long bow. This is how I have easily made millions and trained magic and woodcutting.




Happy scaping!





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