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P2P Desert Mining Questions


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I am going to be getting P2P again soon, and with my goal of 85 mining, i want the fastest way possible.




1) does granite and sandstone compare to ionr respawn rates? i have heard it does, but i want confirmation




2) i want crafting xp too, so are granite AND iron both craftable with the help of a chisel?




3) some places in the desert dont require you to have a waterskin on hand, like the major towns. is the desert minng camp the same way?









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1) Granit is supposed to be much better then Iron if on a full world.


2) Not sure how you expect to use iron to raise crafting?? And I have no idea about granite


3) Not sure sorry.

Quest Cape Achieved on November 14, 2007


Items Acquired

Crystal Pick and Hatchet

Berzerker Ring x 3

3/28 Barrows Items

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