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  1. Today's update broke ice magic for Iorwerth NPCs at least, it no longer freezes them.
  2. In the forum QA they said no it does not. Ah thats unfortunate. As my goal is one set of warpriest which would be the best to buy?
  3. It was asked on reddit but no one was sure. Does anyone know if buying one of the old pieces unlocks the better drop rate from gwd if you didn't complete previous ones?
  4. Basalisks drop offhand rune dagger frequently but like others said do as many quests as you can and you should be able to skip to 60 attack quickly.
  5. Interesting thank you all for your input. Fortunately the + version isn't terrible to make on Ironman while ++ isn't fun.
  6. Where is it worth while to use weapon poison? Is it worth it to use the higher tiers? And is QBD immune to it?
  7. As an ironman, Dear god yes please.
  8. I've been playing for over 10 years and I've never died to server lag or dcs. I'm not saying it doesn't happen but I think it is over hyped sometimes. In the end the game needs a refresh in terms of items and gp and any sink is a good one.
  9. Finally going back to death being a punishment. Yes it's going to suck occasionally on an individual basis but at least each person is making a small improvement to the game economy.
  10. Would seem so, unless you want the thalers for other rewards.
  11. For Void armour: Legs : 200 - 100 for upgrade Gloves: 150 Helmets: 200 x 3 Chest: Quest Reward Superior Upgrades: 6 x 200 Total : 2250 Averaging 116 Commendations per hour on the veteran lander during spot light and 56 Thalers per hour. 19.4 hours to gain the commendations, which gives 1086 Thalers. Now you can use those thaler for something else or use them on void equipment to reduce the overall time by 6 hours. Or buy 217 Slayer tickets.
  12. Ugh so 6 hours a piece of spotlight to get the th sets.
  13. I'm going to go with doesn't work, tried it out at black drags on my main and 281 was the lowest I could hit with frag shot when both using and not using the arrows.
  14. Is there a way to test if dragon bane works with crystal bow?
  15. Thanks for the link but I'm not so sure about what he is saying. I've noticed that my crystal bow goes down even from using abilities and he doesn't seem to have sourced any of his information.
  16. As crystal bows don't actually fire the ammo, would you still gain the benefits of bane arrows?
  17. I would be willing to guess they redo some of the underlying structures and have to check for force walk tiles and stuff like that.
  18. Yeah was referencing using your own accounts to feed one account.
  19. Just read the rules saying it is okay however the one about mini games was slightly confusing. Does that mean tanking rating in conquest is now against the rules?
  20. So if I'm following this correctly main hand chaotic and offhand chakram or blisterwood would be better then dual chaotics at qbd? Infinitely. Interesting. Makes me second guess what chaotic I should buy first.
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