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  1. yup I know I need to start a new one
  2. ok thanks a lot, didn't know about the rune spear, I will use best bow till sallys then those to 75 range. guess I will do ports for the armour as well, don't see my self using it that much because of the repair cost but I guess it will help at araxxi, nex and maybe corp
  3. hi, was thinking of starting in ironman and need some help as I haven't played rs3 in a long time I can do 1 to 50 attack with 2hs but from 50 to 60 I cant buy any off hand rune weps, I cant buy the hally (need to get to elf lands to buy and im not going there that soon) and I cant hope to get a r2h drop from the rdt so what should I train 50 to 60 attack with, the addy 2h?? what should I train to 70 range with? finally is there any point to ports other than the melee (highest tier melee weapons an ironman can get??) and mage weapons (2nd highest tier an iron man can get, behind noxious staff).
  4. so woox soloed corp on his ironman. spammed dark light spec but still
  5. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  6. hi, its been a while since ive played rs so I was thinking of making a zerker, just wanted to check I have the right quests. The Fremennik trial - 2813 Defence Xp Dragon Slayer - 18,650 Defence Xp Monkey Madness - 20,000 Defence Xp Nature Spirit - 2,000 Defence Xp Heroes Quest - 3,075 Defence Xp In Search of the Myreque - 600 Defence Xp (barrow shortcut) 45,338 xp in total. I know if I do holy grail (15,300 def xp) this will put me at 45 def but are there any other quests I could do instead of holy grail that will give a better reward 45 defence 61,512 46 defence 67,983 also pray xp, are these all the prayer xp quests I can do on a zerker? Rag and Bone Man - 5500 Prayer Xp Making History - 1,000 Prayer Xp Recruitment Drive - 1,000 Prayer Xp Restless Ghost - 1,125 Prayer Xp Priest in Peril - 1,406 Prayer Xp Mountain Daughter - 2,000 Prayer Xp Ghosts Ahoy - 2,400 Prayer Xp Another slice of H.A.M - 3,000 Prayer Xp (after 25 prayer) The Great Brain Robbery - 6,000 Prayer Xp (after 50 prayer) Rum Deal - 7,000 Prayer Xp (after 47 prayer) Spirits of the Elid - 8,000 Prayer Xp Swan Song - 10,000 Prayer Xp Holy Grail - 11,000 prayer xp thanks
  7. got final fantasy 10 hd a while ago and just started it, been trying to win the first blitzball match for the str sphere and its not going well. also played 10-2 last mission for about 30 mins then said nope and stopped
  8. move your chat up so its in line with the action bar
  9. 0/10 update, the xp is bonus xp so f2p cant use it. don't know why they even let f2pers play it, the only thing we can have is the capes
  10. is there a chat for f2p dg? can never find anyone on the dg world
  11. if I bind 125 fractite arrows and use 100 in a floor will I always start each floor with 125 or will I start with the amount I have left (25)??
  12. whats the best action bar setup for training melee range and mage. also whats the best action bar for melee and mage in dg
  13. stevensda


    today I got pissed off at cd cases :\ just bought some cd's and the stupid circle thingy in the middle that holds the cd in was one of the crappy ones that are either broken when you buy it or break after removing the cd for the first time. so now I have to go a buy some other cases to replace the broken ones
  14. was browsing reddit when I saw this, this is the best looking runescape (both overworld and mod) in minecraft http://www.reddit.com/r/runescape/comments/1xdx1a/truly_bring_runescape_into_minecraft_full_force/ also the map shown at the end rotated the right way http://i.imgur.com/ThqVcW4.jpg?1?8985
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