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Addy mining?


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Rather curious as to where people feel is the best place to mine addy.




I'm preferably looking for a place with coal there for super heating. So far the Grand Tree is the only one I can find near a bank.


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Try Hobgoblin mine is wildy....alot of addy and coal although not close to a bank, its usually deserted.








As u know the green rocks are addy, the blue mith, the black coal and red iron.



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i think you mean the dwarven mines.




with addy, you usually have to pick 3 worlds and world hop mine. mine 3 rocks, world hop, mine 3 again, world hop, mine 3, and back to the 1st world to mine the 1st 3.




there are some rocks in the wild barely no one ever goes to. 8 rocks up there. only have to world hop 2 worlds to keep the rocsk coming.




2 rocks in edgeville dungeon no one mines.




2 rocks in alkaharid mine.








in my experience, no one really mines in alkaharid for addy, but that's because it is far from a bank. wild is okay, but the walk there and bank is long and boring. you also need some arrmour to protect your self fromt he hobgoblins. i usually just bring rune plate body and legs.




i suggest finding 3 reletively empty worlds and use the mine->world hop method in the dwarven mines (fally)

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mining guild is another place i suppose. 3 addy rocks wth coal in the guild right beside it




You know that mining guild has that "mystical" to only have coal and few mithril ores. :roll:




Anyway here are the best places I use for any ore: BOLD means what you're looking for:




Tin and Copper: Rimmingtom (for bronze bar)


Iron: East of Ardougne (near the Legends Guild NOT inside it) (for steel and iron bars)


Mithril: Crandor Isle


Adamant: Lumbridge Swamp (useful if you have good agility and started Recipe Of Disaster since you wouldn't be needing that staff and it's quicker road to bank than Lost City) (Adamant Bar)


Rune: Hero's Guild. However, in any world a lot more than 2 persons are after them. (Rune Bar)




And for coal for your adamant bar try Mining Guild since it's close to bank.




I hope I helped. I wrote down other ores as well in case you don't need to add a topic about it. :thumbsup:




And believe me Lumbridge Swamp mine is very near bank. And it's almost never crowded.

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