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money making with fletching


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is makin mage longs really worth it? cutting yews is a lot faster then mages, so i can get like 2 maybe 3 loads before 1 load of mages. so if i cut my logs, that comes out to the same amount of profit whether its yew or mages. if i buy the logs, 230-250 for yew and 900-1000 for mage, and alc, thats still about the same 500g/ea profit. so is it really worth it, or is there a better way to make money? cause im pretty tire of fletching. oh and can someone tell me what are some good creature to kill for drops.

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But are they twice as slow as yews? If they are stick wit yews.




I was going to say this - Well 3x as slow perhaps... As yews are 1/3 the price of mage.

Low level player's with life,'s 'noobs, make high level players with out lifes feel good about themselve's. But, it's only untill the high level player realise's how unfulfilled his life is, it's to late to apologise.

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