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Power Supply Question


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Well I'm upgrading my computer's main parts, such as motherboard, processor, and video card. My problem is with the connector from the powersupply, to the motherboard.




The Biostar Motherboard that I'm going with says it requires 1 ATX 24 pin connector. My power supply has 20 pins, with one of those 4 pin attachment thingies...




The problem is, I installed the same motherboard for a friend, who had the same problem. His 4 pin attachment didn't fit into the motherboard while the regular power supply connector was in...so what we did was simply plug in the 20 pin, and leave 4 pins on the motherboard empty. The computer powered up..and worked fine.




I'm wondering why that worked, and is it bad for the computer? Will I have to upgrade my power supply in order to properly use this motherboard? How come the 4 pin attachment didn't fit...perhaps that wasn't its purpose? I'm not sure...




Thanks for your help.

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24 <-> 20 pin power adapters:




20 to 24: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.a ... 6812189061


24 to 20: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.a ... 6812189060




I don't know if plugging a 20 pin plug into a 24 pin slot will effect your board in any way, I just know you're most likly better off using a proper adapter. You'll have to do some more research to be sure it won't effect your board.




I do know that the seperate 4 pin plug DOES NOT go into the extra 4 pins on your 24 pin motherboard plug. The seperate 4 pin plug is pluged into a completely seperate plug on your motherboard or nothing at all. Again, you'd have to do a little research as to why, but it doesn't go along with your main 20/24 pin plug.




24 and 4 pin plugs:




This is a Newegg image used from the same motherboard you have linked in your post.

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