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  1. This has been corrected. Next time you run into something like this please contact the IRC staff in #runescape (or forum staff that know who to direct it to) so it can be corrected. It was an artifact of the RuneScript network configuration from before the server was linked.
  2. Don't ask how I found my way into the gallery of all places, but I had to reply to this. If you're coding by hand and just want syntax highlighting, use Notepad++ or EditPlus. Just set up Filezilla to allow you to edit directly on the server (it will watch for changes and upload on save) so you don't need Dreamweaver's preview. I'm fairly sure it has that ability anyway, I know WinSCP does. Then you can test compatibility in FireFox/Opera/IE directly.
  3. As mil already posted, this is old news. My graphs have data at 15 minute intervals going back to May 2007 in the database (though you can't view it atm because of the 1 year limit on the graphs that I never bothered expanding).
  4. Trying to avoid busy spots is useless. You either update during the week and risk being down when an RS update hits because Tuesday is not 100% guaranteed (as happened this week, it was wednesday), or you do it during a weekend when all the children are home and actually trying to use the update from that week. A few days of pain isn't helped by playing thread the needle between busy periods in the week. Just get it done and over with when staff are ready and able to make the switch.
  5. Did I say you can't access other networks via the web? No, I didn't. I'm referring to your repeated posts about firewalls and "direct" connections being posted in a thread about DDOS attacks, which are always distributed, remotely executed attacks. This is why everyone is calling you an idiot. Once again, this has nothing to do with proxies. Why you brought that up is beyond me. Hiding and "stops people being able to read your ip" are the same thing. If it's unreadable, it's hidden by definition. I then have to ask how you can "stop people being able to read your ip" when they're directly on your network like you just said. A firewall doesn't do this, if they're "on your network", they're past said firewall. :lol: See the above definition. I'm getting tired of repeating this. You do not need access to the network behind the firewall to get an IP address. Any residential installation will have a modem of some kind which is then connected to the firewall (assuming it is a hardware installation). The IP address is assigned to the modem, which just so happens to be outside the firewalled network and thereby revealing the IP address of the modem. You could argue there's a firewall in front of the modem, but that just as easily negates the entire argument because there will be yet another IP address in front of the firewall routing traffic to it which is just as good as anything behind it. Yes, backpeddle on your own advice after I prove you're no more safe here than anywhere else. If someone wants to harvest IPs of Tip.It users to attack it's going to happen. You go ahead and keep telling yourself I can't do anything with the IPs my server logs contain if it makes you feel warm and fuzzy. I suggest you acquaint yourself with the purposes of the Keylogger forum. It was implemented with the purpose of dissecting keyloggers posted ON TIP.IT with the intention of helping users remove any infection they gained by clicking the links before a mod removed them. Good try though. Sweet, I have 4 wheels now. :lol: Um, yes it does make it wrong. Flawed information is wrong information. Arguing that "2+2=5" is both a flawed argument and wrong for anyone that isn't working on an advanced math degree. Add this to the fact that ABSOLUTELY NOTHING YOU POSTED HELPS AVOID IP DISCLOSURE and you have the foundation for someone's ego getting destroyed. Thank you for negating everything you claimed about added protection above. Maybe I spoke too soon. Same crap, new wrapper. I think we need a lock.
  6. Duh. That's what everyone saying you're wrong has been saying, but your argument is so convoluted and broken nobody knows exactly what you're saying. This also has nothing to do with "how proxies work" (once again demonstrating you're talking out your [wagon]). Does your firewall block port 80 (along with the roughly 64000 others)? Do you strictly define what can and can not pass for legitimate traffic? Do you know that said virus/trojan isn't capable of hiding information inside what looks to be legitimate traffic? Your entire argument is flawed because you clearly don't understand what a firewall is actually for or what it does. And once again, this is the entire problem. A firewall does not even attempt to "avoid the basic way people grab you're IP". It physically can't do this while maintaining communication with the outside world. If you want a firewall installed while still being able to do anything at all online it has to reveal your IP address. It won't die because you're intent on spreading misinformation. A firewall doesn't stop IP discovery. It doesn't stop a DDOS attack. It doesn't help people that already don't understand how the topic at hand actually works. You continuing to repeat your misguided and wrong information doesn't make it correct and DEFINITELY doesn't help those that truly don't understand what this topic is actually about. Again, none of the above help a DDOS, you know, the thing the topic started out talking about until you started spreading BS. The only thing a firewall really helps as far as RS players are concerned is dropping inbound port scans looking for vulnerable machines. It doesn't hide IPs, it doesn't stop a virus from phoning home, it doesn't magically make you secure after you install it. For the 50th time, you don't know what you're talking about. Using known sites does not protect you. The signature in my post? Loaded off my server. My avatar? Same thing. I now have the IP of everyone viewing this thread in my server logs. And here you thought Tip.It was safe. The same goes for "trusted" chat systems. Tip.It's IRC server hides IP addresses by default. It's still possible for non-staff to get an IP out of people with some simple social engineering if you know how (and yes I do know, I run the place). So can links posted on trusted sites. Why do you think we have the Keylogger support forum in Tech and Computers? Links get posted, people click them before a mod is notified, game over. Another useless piece of "advice". Hey! Something correct! It only took 4 pages and multiple other people already saying this though... Nope. Still spewing the same wrong explanations.
  7. Keeping it simple for the non-tech savvy is exactly why crap like this gets spread through the community. You have to be blunt, clear and know WTF you're talking about in the first place if you're going to go trying to "calm the masses". If you aren't, they brush it off and keep on going. Bringing up a direct, wired connection in a discussion about DDOS attacks is beyond stupid. Further muddying the waters by flipping your definition of direct makes the situation more unclear and undermines your own point. Yeah, I can DDOS your LAN if I plug into it, but that isn't anything close to what is being talked about here, so please, shut up and go home before you do more damage to the already basic understand most RS players have of the internet. This, just like the CastleWars "lower IP makes you faster" claim, is nothing more than someone thinking they found some new activity, spreading the rumor and the stupider people in the community latching onto it and spreading it like it's the truth because they think they know what they're talking about. DDOS has been around longer than many RS players have been alive. Sitting here arguing over the finer details because you think you know how to protect everyone isn't going to help a damn thing. If anything it will only make it worse by giving them yet another boogy monster to worry about while they play. There is nothing you can do to "hide" your IP address. It's public information. The fact your modem is turned on makes your IP public. The firewall you installed (software or hardware) doesn't hide it. You trying to be smart by not visiting links doesn't hide it. You want to hide it? Unplug your modem and go outside. Sitting here trying to "secure" yourself from DDOS is akin to thinking you can shut off the city water system by turning off the water to your house. The city is still sending water, you may not see it at your faucet, but it's still there pushing on the valve to your house whether you like it or not. Anyone worrying about this is wasting their time. If someone wants your IP, they're going to get it whether you like or not. If you think you can hide it, you're wrong. Go learn about networking. For those that just don't understand it, don't worry about it and go play your game.
  8. You need to better voice it then, instead of saying "this conversation is over" when I challenge your stance and you find out I'm from the US. :lol: Works both ways man. You can't scream that we're over here doing it wrong and then just walk away when you can't back up your opinion. ;) The following occurred in #runescape, Tip.It's IRC channel. [hide=] [/hide]
  9. I'm sorry, but just like your political junk on IRC, this is just as useless. ICANN is not state controlled. ICANN is a private corporation BASED in the US. It is held to US law, NOT "state-controlled". All the Euro-rage about ICANN being "US based" is nothing more than political power grabbing. Don't like it? Build your own root TLD servers and mirror the ICANN roots so you "control" your own TLDs. IPs are already an international affair due to blocks being allocated to the 5 RIRs. Don't like your allocations? Go scream at RIPE and move to IPv6 so you can address every rock you ever find and never have to worry about US "control" (I just have to LOL at "state controlled" IP provider). Given all the other "freedoms" over in EU I can only image what kind of BS would be created if they were to get a hold of some of the more important pieces of the internet substructure.
  10. You can call it parasitic all you like, but Tip.It has had the benefit of having RuneScript in their chat far longer than most places. Tip.It is also getting advertising in many of the IRC rooms that would otherwise just ignore the place and go elsewhere. "Hey look, we <3 RuneScript and they use Tip.It, we should try them out!". Just because there isn't any amazingly noticeable benefit the day of release doesn't mean it's suddenly "parasitic". Many of the RuneScript staff have worked with Tip.It staff behind the scenes in various forms for years whether you see it or not and that isn't going to change (hell, I run the Tip.It IRC server and have worked on RuneScript since day one, who'd have thought). Thanks for the laugh I got when I read that though. Just because you don't see a tangible benefit via a simple news post doesn't mean there hasn't been or won't be.
  11. I'll just tack this on here, as the title isn't specific. For 'hard' section rewards the guide states "This allows you to change your lyre teleport location to Waterbirth Island, as well as persuading Ghrim to purchase unnoted flatpacks of construction items from you at Grand Exchange median prices, in addition to the Boots 2's abilities'." (bold mine). This statement is rather vague. Does MTK use your coffer money to buy the flatpacks like it does for supplies? Are they bought by MTK without effecting your coffers? The little one liner isn't all that useful when looking for the actual information before you've done any of it.
  12. I know thinking you were the cause of a feature removal is epic but that isn't the case. Hide tags can't be nested because of how the custom BBcode system in PHPbb3 works. The hide tag in PHPbb2 was hard coded into the system and used various methods of tagging each section so it knew when tags were embedded within each other. The PHPbb3 system is much simpler and only checks for a start and end tag for the custom BBcode, meaning it only sees the opening hide tag and the first end-hide tag it finds. Everything else treated as normal text.
  13. The problem and solution was rather clear in my first reply. Why you feel I should be nice to you when the information you asked about is available right in front of you in my reply or by clicking the chat button and the 'about' box in the client is beyond me. 1) You ask if it's still PJIRC, the client is right there for you to check the version on. 2) You ask if the fault is in the client, I stated in my first post that yes, that is the case and we'll be fixing it. 3) You then go on to assume Peter can't fix it based on the previous assumption, which on it's own is a rather stupid thing to do. Add to that the fact I already knew how to fix it and simply had to wait for Peter to actually implement it and we're up to 4 strikes. 4) Not being satisfied with that you ask the same question again by musing if it's a problem with the IRC server itself, when once again I have already said it's a problem in the java client setup we'll be fixing. I'm not going to spare your ego when you don't read and think about the replies that came prior to your first post in the thread. You simply replying to this like you did shows me nothing has changed since I stopped posting here (unless you're amazing computer skills somehow vaporize when I post in a thread, which I'd find hilarious).
  14. Did you read my post at all? IRC doesn't allowed nicks to start with a number (as already stated). It's part of the RFC that outlines the protocol (but you wouldn't know that cuz you'd rather guess on everything). The java client implemented this as it was suppose to. The problem appears because the client allows locking of the nickname using html parameters, so the java client was also doing it's job by not allowing nick changes when disconnected. Neither are "wrong" but thanks for asking more irrelevant questions after the problem was looked into and a fix was already known. You also assuming Peter can't handle it is a bit idiotic. The client is open source (Yes it's PJIRC, stop being lazy and go check it) so even if Java is outside Peter's or my own skills, it isn't exactly hard to find someone that can make the change. Good to know you still make the same stupid assumptions and think you can add to an already handled situation months after I stopped paying attention to T&C (anyone with a clue knows why I stopped).
  15. Most (if not all) IRC servers don't allow nicks to start with a number, so your name causes some problems. If you are using mIRC, change your default nick to something that doesn't start with a number and reconnect. If you're trying to use the java chat embedded in the forum you're currently out of luck after looking at it. It doesn't allow nick changes when disconnected so there's no way to fix your 0 problem at the moment. I'll be poking one of the other admins so they can fix this in the client. In the mean time you can use the CGI client found here. I don't know how long it'll take to fix this particular issue with the java chat until Peter wakes up.
  16. Plugging in RAM is about as simple as it gets. You shut down, unplug the power cord, make sure you don't have any static charge (ground yourself), plug it into the slot and boot back up. There's no drivers, no software installation to follow and if the machine doesn't boot for some reason you simply take it back out and put the old one back to get working again. As long as he has the sense to ask questions and read a guide or two on how to install it before doing so he won't have any problems with a RAM upgrade outside of the freak bad stick that doesn't work out of the box.
  17. This "guide" is all over the place and won't be helpful to anyone that doesn't already have a clue what they're doing. You should have a talk with my laptop. It appears to be defying your "can't" statement there since it's running 1 512mb stick and 1 256mb stick. The entire guide is littered with incorrect information and more 'I wrote wordy stuff' than actual helpful info. Anyone looking for actual information they can understand should be reading Nadril's guide.
  18. Not a bad idea but is it a big deal to maintain? I know with captchas and all that the site are specifically trying to weed out the people with bots im just wondering if it is worth the time for setting up and maintaining the bots. One of the stupidest ideas you could ever even consider. Putting your business into the crosshairs for potential fraud lawsuits over gaming the ad or survey system will do more damage than you would have earned over the ads.
  19. Changing to WPA (which you should have done way back in the thread) will keep him out as long as you used a reasonably secure password and not something like "bubbles".
  20. They're always locked because the content the people posting are trying to download is blatantly pirated or not freely distributed. I've messaged the moderators a few times for incorrectly locking torrent related topics and if you properly explain why it shouldn't have been locked it will get get fixed.
  21. On top of the previous reply, I want to note that WEP encryption is flat out useless at this point. There are extremely mature tools that allow you break any WEP pass phrase in a matter of minutes. If you're serious about securing your wireless you need to use WPA or WPA2 with a long alpha-numeric password. Hidding the SSID is also just as useless. People with the ability to crack the WEP key will be able to find the hidden SSID regardless. People that can't see the 'hidden' SSID won't be able to crack it. Both are equally useless in properly securing wireless. If you don't know the password to get back into the router or the pass you had set is no longer working someone likely changed it. You'll need to reset the router (pin hole on the back most of the time) and reconfigure it with a new password and new wireless encryption keys. You aren't going to be able to solve your problems if you can't get into the router to check security in the first place.
  22. You aren't going to be able to download said 'private' file without leaving whatever encrypted or private folder you use unlocked and accessible. You either sit there and make sure it stays unlocked and nobody uses the machine the whole time or you get up and risk people seeing said unlocked folder. I fail to see what someone still using a family computer may have to hide from said family, especially files ranging into the gigabytes in size.
  23. There are much better options on Windows than Safari (such as FireFox and Opera). It's been full of critical security issues since it was released.
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