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  1. Looks to be server issues. Weren't you in the IRC room not to long ago asking about it? :-s Hopefully and admin gets around to tracking down the problem soon. You aren't the only one feeling it. :P
  2. Basic Gimp animation tutorial. As far as I know, Photoshop can't do animations.
  3. You continuing to reply to this thread when you have nothing helpful to contribute is also 'spammy'. If you don't have anything constructive to add, go reply somewhere else. It's already rather clear you'd rather troll than actually contribute to what the active users of this bored want to do. As for the sticky itself, these are some the basics it probably needs to cover, based on what gets asked around here. [*:3rqcpq48]It needs to make it extremely clear that installing (and not using a live cd) could permanently delete any files already on the machine. Explaining what a live cd even is may be a good idea [*:3rqcpq48]Any distro listed should be available as a live cd to minimize any chance someone will accidentally wipe their machine by popping a disc in and just running through the prompts. [*:3rqcpq48]The differences between Gnome and KDE should be explained since they're the two 'major' desktops (I know there are others, but those are the majors people will see off the bat). Using Ubuntu and Kubuntu as examples would work. [*:3rqcpq48]Basic explanation of the terminal and basic commands. Explaining scripting to a new user doesn't help them much if they don't know how to use the shell. [*:3rqcpq48]Links to newbie friendly help sites (such as the ubuntu forums) [*:3rqcpq48]Link to a list of terminal commands for reference Once that list is covered, then you could start diving into how the file system works, how to install programs and whatever else people would need to get up to speed for daily use. My take on it anyway.
  4. Why would they create someplace to discuss them when it's already been made clear they will be automatically denied? Discussing something that already got a no from the staff is somewhat useless. :?
  5. I guess I need to remind you that the topic of this thread is "Increase the emoticons count" not "New emoticons". The OP also specifically replies to Sith saying he correctly interpreted what the thread was aiming for, and that certainly was not new emotions even after several replies thinking it was. I suggest you reread it instead of dragging yet another thread further offtopic. The entire purpose of the Forum Updates and Suggestions board is for, guess what, updates and suggestions. Adding new emoticons is within that 'suggestions' realm and isn't in the blacklist thread. You calling it spam is just trying to, once again, further your own arguments.
  6. So now front page threads are a measure of how important a topic is? Just arbitrarily because you don't like the idea that your OS of choice isn't getting a sticky all to itself? The front page runs back a whole 4 days, which isn't a very good measure of how active a certain topic is on a forum, regardless of subject. If you havn't noticed yet, the majority of this forum is Windows based questions. Saying Windows of all things should have a sticky is just out right stupidity disguised as an attempt to make your point. If you go throwing every users specific question (BSOD errors, application errors, installation, finding apps, ect) into a sticky, you'd have nothing more than a jumble of posts where nothing gets done. The entire point of a Linux sticky is to inform those asking the basic questions so they don't have to make yet another thread, regardless of how I feel on the matter. That in no way means Mac fans should automatically get their own sticky just so they can feel special and 'included'. The linux threads thus far have been about the basics of picking a distro, installing it, and other basic situations people will run into when playing with it or transitioning. That information is very well suited to an organized sticky. Where are the Mac questions about basic usage and setup of OS X? Wait, there aren't any? OH! That would be why you don't get a sticky. All you're doing is perpetuating the stuck up Mac user stereotype by sitting here whining that you don't get a sticky when the Linux users might. I also dare to point out that someone that has replied to a whole 10 threads in the T&C forum doesn't exactly have a strong grip on what goes on here. 5 of those 10 threads where only in the last 2 days. The other 5 haven't been touched since January 2007. All this furthers my point that all you're doing is whining that your precious Mac isn't getting a sticky. You might want to follow your own advise when writing a reply like that.
  7. 1) Glad you think I'm a genius. I'm flattered. 2) An offtopic discussion does nothing to get a solution to the original subject posted by the OP. All it does is cloud the original purpose and nothing gets done. If you want new smilies (which as been shot down before already), go make a new topic instead of taking one over like is being done here and you're trying to do to the Linux sticky thread in T&C.
  8. Maybe you need to get off your high horse and realize that just because one gets a sticky, it doesn't mean the rest automatically have to. Like I already said, a sticky is for commonly asked questions, not to cover every aspect of everything. Linux help has become a commonly asked question. Maybe you should look at the sticky list and realize Hypercam has a sticky, but oh, guess what, no Camtasia. A sticky for one piece of information does not automatically mean other related pieces of information nobody is asking about gets one too. Suck it up. Nobody is asking questions about OS X or anything else Mac related.
  9. Since most of you replying to this don't seem to understand: This is not about adding new smilies. It is about making the total smilies allowed per reply more than the current limit of 10.
  10. 3 of your 4 images won't load atm. Imageshack seems to be choking. Since you asked. The picture is a year and a half old but nothing has really changed. Just replace the 19" CRT (it went boom) with a laptop (yes that's the model, Nov 2006 Blackfriday sale, dirt cheap school laptop) and you have my current desk.
  11. It would get a sticky because their is a demand for information that would be well suited to one. The only reason we would get or even need a Mac sticky is so all the idiot Fanboys can post their worthless Windows bashing, which we do not need. A sticky is created because their is repetitive asking of the same questions on the same topic, not because 'they got one too'. As much help as a Linux sticky would be, I see the problem of 'Omg I installed this Linooks thing and it broke my computer' coming up when the normal users see the new shiny and try to play with it before understanding it.
  12. .cue is a cue sheet. It's used for splitting another file that is one continuous track into individual songs using pre-specified times for the beginning of each. There is no music in the .cue itself as it's only a text file. You have to use something like Cue Splitter on the single large music file to get the songs cut up into individual files.
  13. There is not going to be a '5 second' hole. That's an eternity when it comes to processor cycles. Spybot is not going to go overriding nortons block on a peices of data, ever. If norton decides to block it, it's getting blocked because it gets integrated farther into the OS. Spybot can go and try to restore it, but that'll at most end with the two fighting over the peice of data and the system locking up do to the loop at worse. The whole scenario wouldn't happen in the first place because the two target completely different types of software, if norton ever manages to catch anything for them to fight over.
  14. Sounds like you've got yourself a dead battery. If you've been running for 2 years on the same cellphone battery, there's a pretty good chance it's just plain old and worn out. I'd take it to a battery shop or a phone service shop and get the battery checked out. It's probably your problem.
  15. Which is exactly why people should do their own research instead of taking what's thrown up here. The 'top 10' article you posted is from October 2006, so it isn't exactly accurate when applied to the current hosting world. The WHT thread I referred to was posted yesterday as of this reply, by a real user, not some magazine out to make money and it is in no way a single incident when you search around WHT.
  16. You simply save it as a gif after you do what you want to do with the images. Doesn't matter what you did, just save it in the gif format when you're done.
  17. A quick search on WebHostingTalk says otherwise. That's exactly why people should do their own research instead of blindly excepting what people advertise here.
  18. Simple solution. Visit more often. If it's that important to you, bookmark the threads, turn on email notifications of replys, or use the egosearch to look for recent threads you replied to. On top of that, removing topics as soon as they are locked does nothing more than confuse people. They'll see their thread disappeared, they won't know why and will automatically start screaming about it. Moving them to a 'trash bin' doesn't do anything to fix that because most people are too lazy to bother looking and would rather scream at the staff instead. The whole thing sounds like a "the current way things works is bad for how I use the forum, fix it" argument. :?
  19. Buying the domain name through the same company as your web hosting is usually a bad idea. Many hosts keep the domain name in their company name and you don't get to keep it if you switch hosting companies. Always register your domain name separately using a registrar like Godaddy or NameCheap. As for the host, look around Webhostingtalk.com. You'll find lots of good advice on which hosts are good and which ones to avoid.
  20. Visually it looks smaller because of the larger screen, but if the proper resolution is used (the native res for that monitor) it'll be the exact same size as on your old screen. :P
  21. You need to adjust your screen resolution to fit the new screen. Right click on the desktop and go to 'Properties'. Go to the settings tab and adjust the screen resolution to fit the screen. You should be able to look up the monitor model on the manufacturer's website to find the native resolution (the best fit for that screen) to use in the settings.
  22. Even then it's only a stupid user precaution. You can still re-enable root by giving it a password. I did exactly that on my little goof around 7.10 server on my LAN because I got tired of using sudo all the time.
  23. You Mac people seriously need to stop drinking the kool-aid and read. 1) $700 budget rules out *any* Mac laptop, as my last post said. $700 is not $1099. Learn to read and comprehend the entire thread please. :wall: 2) You must have missed some of the massive flaws in Leopard (like this data loss bug)(or perhaps a PC Mag editor having major issues with it) when it was released. You'd think they'd be able to get basic copy functions right. If you want to go OS bashing, even Vista got that right the first time.
  24. If you'd stopped to think for a moment, you'd realize his $700 budget throws that out the window anyways. If you're going to go Mac bashing, atleast have some hard arguments instead of using any random opportunity. :? As for the OP, browsing around Newegg's laptop section will give you some idea what's out there for your price range. Even a basic Dell or HP machine will be good enough to play RS and do school work on.
  25. That would be a flat out no. 1) You can't install apps on the Ipod touch 2) Even if you could, playing RS on that tiny screen would be a major pain. 3) Even if you could, the 128mb of RAM and 620mhz ARM chip would choke on RS.
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