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  1. That would mean it's a no. 64mb of video memory isn't going to play any new game at any kind of playable speed at decent resolutions. Not to mention a lot of them don't even support OSX. This is why we have Newegg. Laptop search, dedicated video card, 2gb of ram. Pick any one of the machines in that list and it'll easily cover what you're looking for without the inflated Mac price.
  2. In addition to cleaning the case of dust and anything blocking the fans, I'd suggest running Memtest86 (Free download page, basic instructions found here) to test your RAM and make sure there isn't any defective sections causing the crash. Ideally, you shouldn't get any errors after it's been running for a couple hours.
  3. You can bet good money he isn't just going to shut them down and do a vanilla install over what is currently running. It's going to be set up separately, tested by staff, modifications made to suit Tip.it, ect. I wouldn't doubt waiting a couple weeks for any other bugs to be found because of the wider use of the official release as well.
  4. That actually doesn't fix anything. The delete key deletes text to the right of the cursor while the backspace deletes to the left. Two entirely different (yet very useful once you learn it) functions. :P A bit of quick Googling turned up a setting that may be the cause. I have Word 2003 and was able to reproduce what I think is happening. In Tools > Options > Edit Tab, make sure "Typing Replaces Selection" is checked. Unchecking it in my settings caused exactly what you describe and may be your problem.
  5. Which, on a 300mhz processor, isn't anything to shake a stick at when it comes to running RS. RS quite regularly uses 50% or more on my 1.8ghz Athlon64. Like I said before, you're lucky it runs at all on a machine that old. If we're going to play the numbers game, since someone on the thread seems to like that, 92% free leaves you with 276mhz. The math sure as hell doesn't work like that, but since we already used flawed logic to say you have enough RAM, I'm now using flawed logic to say you no longer meet the minimum requirements. Bottom line, the machine is old. Yes it meets the bare minimum, but that by no means says the game will run smoothly. Even if you do manage to baby it into running, it more than likely won't last long as Jagex updates the game or as other factors within the system change. The machine is ancient. It's time to upgrade, even if means buying some cheap $200 Dell.
  6. Care to post the source to that information that isn't coming from just you (since you've proven multiple times you don't have a clue)? The minimum requirements for a game are exactly that, a minimum. They make no guarantee that the game will work, regardless of your system setup. The 300mhz/64mb limits were also established quite a long time ago before RS had included some of the larger updates we've seen, which will result in higher loads. You also forgot to account for the fact that Java is also using CPU resources in the background while trying to shoot me down. He may very well have enough RAM, but that doesn't mean the CPU can keep up with what RS is trying to do. The ads, you have a small point, but that still doesn't change the fact that anything you are able to fix on a machine that old is nothing more than a bandaid and the problems will only get worse as times goes on.
  7. Given he pointed out it was a sarcastic reply, because he knew you're reply like this, we'd expect you to take it as a joke, but once again you have proven why nobody takes anything you say even remotely seriously anymore.
  8. Matching IPs, using a temporary cookie, there's multiple ways they could do it but their web team is apparently too stupid to do so. :?
  9. Would be helpful if we actually knew what those were so we could track down your problem. :wall:
  10. I implemented a regex block for this on our IRC server quite a long time ago and completely forgot to pass on the need for this to Albosky. #-o He probably won't need the code but it's very good that you brought this up. Jagex needs to fix that damn hole too. It's present in all their 'secure' login areas and has been for years on end now even after I've sent in multiple bug reports about it. :evil:
  11. There's your problem. That machine is a dinosaur when it comes to computer technology. You're lucky it runs RS at all. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to speed up a machine that old. The hardware is ancient history and you're going to have to buy a new machine if you want more speed.
  12. You don't need MODs when you have your own in house PHP coder (Albosky) that knows PHPbb like the back of his hand. It would be rather easy for anyone with a bit of prior knowledge in PHP and how PHPbb works to edit and implement this (as has been done to a lot of the Tip.It forums already). That being said, I doubt it will happen. The entire reason for the lock out is in place is to prevent someone from hammering away at accounts trying to guess passwords. If you just lock out the username, whoever is guessing at passwords can just move on to guess a new accounts password, leaving the user he just tried locked out of their own username. It also leaves the 'hacker' free to just keep trying and trying as the names he tries get locked. Blocking the computer itself is a much better solution to stop password guessing and eliminates any intentional guessing of passwords to purposely lock people's accounts.
  13. Yes it's Tip.it and yes it's intentional. It's somewhat annoying clicking a link on the forum only to completely lose the thread you were just reading when you may want to reply to it after seeing said link.
  14. I highly doubt Jagex is causing the forbidden error. If you're at home your parents may have blocked the website using some kind of filtering software (if you live with your parents). It could also be your local firewall blocking the site because of incorrect settings. When did this start happening? Have you made any changes to your computer that may have caused it?
  15. The E4600 will most likely out perform the Athlon X2 if you don't overclock either of them. That's usually the case for the current generate of processors. The Intel offering will outperform the AMD offering of the same grade, but the AMD chip will be cheaper. It really depends on how much you're willing to spend and what the use is going to be. If you're just building an all around machine for web browsing, school and light gaming the cheaper Athlon will be plenty but if you're looking to build an all out, top of the line gaming machine, the high end Core Duos will be the chips to buy.
  16. The main point definitely is a dual core at 2.6ghz is not 5.2ghz. It simply does not work like that. The frequency doesn't magically double when you add a second core. They both run at the same frequency, you now just have 2 processors in one chip instead of just one processor in one chip. If you're looking at buying a new machine, just forget buying a single core machine. Most of the low end dual core chips will keep up with or out perform even the high end single core processors. When comparing processors you'll need to stay within the same type as well. Compare dual core to dual core, quad core to quad core, ect. Jumping between types, like comparing dual core to single core, is hard to do without running physical tests and recording the performance of each because of all the different factors involved. This wiki page would be a good read if you can get through some of the heavy wording.
  17. Why don't you stop being an arrogant techie. My suggestions where at least sensible and realistic. So I suggest you stop telling others what to do before you get into trouble. I'm simply stating facts. Pride has nothing to do with it. I got where I am by giving good advise, not by guessing at fixes like you said yourself you are doing. Guessing at fixes will either end up not fixing it, or making it worse by breaking the system by other means. "Sensible and realistic" fall into the same guessing without knowing category. I find it funny you have to take a pot shot at me by saying I'm going to get into trouble by telling you to take your bad advise somewhere else too. If you don't like how I go about telling people that have no clue what they're doing do get off threads, by all means, take it to the staff, but you'll just get laughed at. If you had a clue what you were talking about, it wouldn't have happened in the first place. If you don't know what you're talking about, don't reply.
  18. It only depends on what type of connection the drive uses. ATA, SATA, SATAII. You'll need to look up the model number of your laptop and find out what kind of hard drive it has. After that, you can consult Newegg.
  19. This belongs here: http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?t=690610
  20. 404 is page not found. Moved is 302. Additionally, the hotlink in the post has a : stuck on the end, which is why it causes the 404 error. If you remove the colon, you get the standard javascript redirect to the RS website. The OP needs to stop using bookmarks to navigate to worlds and use the world list or ingame world select to navigate. The server is fine, you're just using a broken link...
  21. I suggest you stop 'trying to sound smart'. This forum is not the place to be guessing at what will fix things. It's no different than the idiots trying to read HijackThis logs and telling people to remove perfectly legitimate software or worse yet pieces of Windows that would make the problem worse. If you don't have a clue what's going on or how to fix it, don't reply.
  22. You don't need drivers for a USB drive unless you're running some ancient version of windows or some exotic drive. As for the OP, have you tried closing and reopening explorer (after the drive has been connected)? Tried right clicking and hitting 'refresh' when you have the list of drives open? Does the drive do this on other machines? Does the machine you are using recognize other USB devices normally? We aren't mind readers. We need more information...
  23. No one cares. It is not 'more safe'. You can get infected just as easily on Apple hardware, which translates to OSX. If you're stupid enough to get infected on a windows machine, you're stupid enough to give malware admin rights to your precious Mac for it to do just as much damage. And I can build a machine for $250 that's much more expandable, has a much wider software library and just as reliable. Why? Because most people don't care about the shiny unix variant that is OSX. People crow about the 'security' of OSX, which doesn't mean much to people that get themselves infected on Windows in the first place. Nobody wants to spend a minimum of $600 for a Mac when you can build a PC for $250 (and even add XP or Vista for less than the mini). It isn't exactly a sweet deal to move away from Windows. Bottom line, take your fanboy crap somewhere else.
  24. You have integrated video, which means it's sharing RAM with the rest of the system. The game or whatever test you ran is looking for a dedicated card, which would be why it marked it as failed.
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