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  1. At 58 crafting you can make earth battlestaffs. If you buy the staffs from Zaff in Varrock, wearing your Varrock diary armour gives you the opportunity to buy 16, 32 or 64 staffs, depending on what armour you have earned. This is good for crafting and if you high-alch the staffs, you make 2300 gp on each one. Depending on how much money you have, you could consider making green d'hide vambraces and high-alching them. This will lose you some money (about 200-250 gp for each one including tanning plus 1 nature rune) but is good experience. Bones for peaches spell is great to have especially if you don't have Guthan's or the use of a bunyip. It can only be cast on normal bones but is really useful if you want to camp out at dust devils or the like. It's worth getting, and once you have it, you have it for good. I earned a mage's book when they cost 5 million gp a few months before GE came out. Great bonus, but I never used the wands due to the fact that they were too expensive back then. These days, I doubt I would bother. In my opinion, you'd be better off in the long run with a battlestaff that gives you infinite runes of one type or another. I have 98 mage and 90 crafting if you wondering about my knowledge on this. I would thoroughly recommend you start doing battlestaffs as one of your daily chores if you don't already as it's good profit and good for crafting.
  2. If you've done Swan Song, the Piscatoris fishing colony is very good. Room enough for a few fm'ers.
  3. Assuming you're member's because you mentioned slayer, for combat training, you should probably stay with slayer tasks. I'd say the same with training ranged although some may disagree, but a lot of the tasks you'll get won't be too demanding - get yourself a crossbow and bolts. You should definitely spend some regular time on agility as this helps all other causes. If you want good cash up front, woodcutting is still unbeatable in my opinion. Spent a few hours getting to 60-65 wc then go to yews. They are 450+ gp each which is much more than when you last played. You'll have over 1 mil by level 70 depending on what level you start cutting them. Get your mage level up by using the best curse spell you can on scorpions in the Al Kharid mining pit - shoot them from the cliff top wearing the worst mage boosting armour you can as you don't want the spell to work (you still get the xp and can cast more often) - this will be quickest xp for the next 20 or so levels. Fishing for lobbies is reasonable money maker too and gets your fishing and cooking up. For smithing, do Family Crest quest and get gold gauntlets - mine and smelt gold for best smithing xp and reasonable mining xp. hope this helps, and wb
  4. Hi. Does anyone know what I can feed my pet crawling hand? I thought of gold rings but I thought I'd ask first to see if anyone knew.
  5. These grammar/spelling rants always bring out the nerd in people who can't wait for one of these posts to come along so that they can demonstrate how knowledgable they are. No-one likes a smart aleck with the exception of themselves. I think the original post showed an example of deliberate mis-spelling and that the author probably thought they were being 'cute'. Sometimes it's deliberate, sometimes people's spelling isn't much cop. I find the deliberate stuff is a bit irritating, especially when they've obviously tried too hard, but sometimes creative, but it doesn't wind me up, and it doesn't mean society is headed down the Swanee. I think that people who don't have a problem with spelling ought to stop being so up their own backsides about it and cut the people who find spelling a bit of a mystery a break.
  6. A less expensive alternative is to go by gnome glider via al kharid and stronghold, but this still involves some running past the chin hunting area. Charter is fastest by far.
  7. I quite enjoy black dragons in the evil chicken's lair (Zanaris). Not too slow at 90+ and the black hides and bones make money. Take a beast of burden with you. They make a nice change.
  8. You can't take them out. If you could, there would be the option to do so. And there isn't. So you can't. Feel free to continue trying though, and let us know how you get on. It might make entertaining reading.
  9. If you go into the entrance south west of pollivineach, you can go east from the entrance and shoot across the lava pool there.
  10. I get the "you're lucky" a lot. People can't just say "nice work" or something. I think luck plays no significant part in this game at all, especially now we can't suddenly come across the loot of some poor soul who just lagged out and died...
  11. Best way is using the ring of gold at North-West Karamja. If you have them, use the diary gloves to tele to shilo, drop off your load and take the cart back again. No need to use extra inventory space for teles.
  12. Don't beat yourself up too much. It's one mother of a confusing quest for most of us. Good luck.
  13. I assume you are having the same problem whether using internet explorer-type window or RS client. Do you get an error message? Have you tried updating drivers, making sure hardware acceleration is at maximum? I used to have a problem when it got to loading 3d objects it would simply stop, but I don't get that anymore and haven't changed anything. Also make sure your window is large enough to show the entire picture when downloading, and I suppose you've tried adjusting the resolution in-game? Sorry if this seems obvious but I don't know what you have or haven't tried.
  14. Met you once on Moonclan Island. I've met a few well know players in my years, but you're the most pleasant. It's cool visiting your blog. Just remember, when your bashing away at your skills on that long, long road, you're never alone. Hope I'll see you again someplace. Cryptogram1 =D>
  15. Okay, I found the answer. The scabarite lancers and rangers just down from the archiologists are very easy to fight. Saves all that recyclims polava. Probably sacrificing a few good drops but what the heck. Thanks for the suggestions. :
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