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  1. i Used an effigy Last night and got to the final one and my reward was a Dragonkin Lamp i used it in slayer which is lvl 73 and it gave me 20k xp =)
  2. Can Any1 Help Me With My Effigy I Need Sum1 With 95+ Rc Or Summ
  3. Pictures of the fletching guild make me wanna go train fletch. Its been 60 for 2 months now lol Lol Fletching Guild Thats Yanille Dude I Wish There Was 1 Though Jks
  4. Yea im just finishing out 10k yews might buy sum again in the 90's but after yews i got 67500 maples till 99 and im doing them in pic fishing colony
  5. So reckon i could do about 14k a day then?
  6. i have the wood for 99 fm atm just wondering how long it would take to burn 67500 maples if i burn for like 12 - 14 hours a day
  7. I am working on 99 fm atm only just got 82 but it is soooo annoying i am looking forward to 99 though :thumbsup:
  8. Race to 99 is on boi! i beat u so hard and gl :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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