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  1. That's ... (for lack of a better word) ... convoluted. Couldn't MicroSoft think of better when they did that? :( ~D. V. Devnull You're talking about the same company that had 43 (yes, 43) people working on the shutdown button and the code that ran it. Of course it's convoluted. It does make a bit of logical sense since the command prompt isn't a mainstream app though.
  2. That's ... (for lack of a better word) ... convoluted. Couldn't MicroSoft think of better when they did that? :( ~D. V. Devnull You're talking about the same company that had 43 (yes, 43) people working on the shutdown button and the code that ran it. Of course it's convoluted. It does make a bit of logical sense since the command prompt isn't a mainstream app though.
  3. This post at mozillazine should prove usefull. You can't get rid of it entirely for now or revert it back to the FireFox 2 style bar, but it gets close. The most notable is the browser.urlbar.matchBehavior attribute.
  4. Soooo, by that logic Tip.It is now going to essentially sue the person they contracted out to build the damn theme in the first place? Or they're going to sue me for ripping the entire site layout (CSS included) for testing purposes (which the staff are quite aware of)? You seriously need to rethink how you go about your posting around here. Tip.It isn't going to care that he copied and pasted code from the main website (which Tip.It owns) into a theme for their forums (which Tip.It also owns). They sure as hell aren't going to get all pissy with him for using code that already works on a theme they already blessed. Seriously, just leave already. Your stupidity is dragging the rest of us down when you post crap like this.
  5. If you are using FireFox 2 or 3 and the Tip.It theme it's a known issue with long guides. There's an issue with one of the CSS attributes that is causing the guide to be cut off even though the whole thing loaded. The slayer guide is a good example that one of the crew members noticed a few days ago. We're aware of it but have yet to fix it.
  6. Would have been easier to just copy how the main site layed out the header (the divs and CSS). Save the headache of tweaking whatever new code you have in there.
  7. He'll be talking about the tip.it theme. The logout text is right underneith the tip.it logo (and partly over lapped) making it very easy to misclick. The whole bar is a bit misaligned in firefox 3 as well.
  8. You're looking for exactly what Slotter posted (a KVM). I would do a bit of research first though because some require keyboard input to switch between machines (which the Wii may or may not be able to do). Your best bet would be to find one with a physical switch to change the inputs.
  9. What the hell are you smoking. An anti-virus company is not going to give you a virus for not renewing your subscription.
  10. Only if you use high enough compression. Most people can't tell the difference if you use the correct compression ratio.
  11. You could also use a program like Gadwin printscreen to automatically save the screenshots in .jpg or .png. Then all you have to do is upload it to the hosting.
  12. Possible that Java is having issues and taking down whatever browser you're using when it freaks out. Both RuneScape and the runescape.com login applets are java based so that explains why both are causing problems. First step is to reinstall java. If you still have issues after that post back with your OS, firefox version and other info the sticky says to post.
  13. First off, yes you can use a different CD. Just make sure it matches the OS version you currently have installed or it will reject your key. So if you use XP Pro, any XP Pro CD will work. I would suggest trying a repair installation from the windows disc. This will replace all the system files while leaving your programs, registry and personal files intact (back up important stuff anyway just to be safe). Doing that will make sure that all the system files that may have been infected by the rootkit have been fixed and are working as intended. This forum post (via geektogo.com) is a nice guide of performing the repair install.
  14. Do you have SuperFetch enabled? If so that is most likely what is hitting the hard drive so much. SuperFetch is set up to preload programs you use frequently so they load faster directly from RAM instead of having to spool up the harddrive to load them. That would also explain why programs load slightly slower during those 5 to 10 minutes because they aren't preloaded yet. Edit: And now that I reread blades post he already touched on it. Yay for not being able to read later at night.
  15. Sometimes mods don't make it evident if the thread was even reviewed if they don't do anything. It sends you an email with the name of the mod that checked it and information about what action they performed. Users don't need to know if they're report has been handled, when it was handled or by who. As long as the boards are staying clean and usable, that's all that should matter to anyone outside the staff. If they wanted people's input on how they handle reports or how long it takes they would explicitly ask for it. If they aren't getting handled in a timely manner the rule breaking content will quite obviously pile up. Just because you reported it doesn't automatically mean something is going to happen. Notifying people that they're report was handled and a mod didn't feel it broke any rules only opens the door for people to start complaining more.
  16. You can put together low end dual core machines with case and all the parts you need for $300-$400. A decent video card will run another $100-$200 depending on how fast you go. A monitor will be another $150-$200. Basic Vista versions run ~$90 so you're looking at a minimum of about $600-$700 if you want something with playable gaming performance. You're better off waiting till you actually have the money on hand so we can put together a parts list for the money you can actually spend because things may have changed by the time you've saved it all up.
  17. Erm, you may want to rethink your rant about ProSilver not supporting the PM popup. ProSilver DOES support the popup. If you don't beleive me look at the source your browser loads. Seeing how ProSilver was written by the damn PhpBB team I think they'd know they need to include a feature in the template like that. PhpBB3 defaults the setting to off so you may want to go check your settings. They apparently weren't transfered, as I had it turned on for years before the revert. Edit: And 30 seconds after this post, testing by PM'ing myself, what do ya know, I got a popup saying I have a PM. Amazing what a little settings check and logic does ain't it.
  18. Rating a person or an idea doesn't matter. If someone or a group of people doesn't like another user, they WILL rate them down regardless of how thought out the post is. Instead of it being tagged to the user you're distributing that karma to each individual post and if a user is rated down enough by a group of people, others will notice and apply their opinion accordingly. Given the user base here some users might believe a correct post that got rated down by abuse is actually wrong because of it as well. Rating systems like you suggest are in place on larger sites because they have hundreds of thousands if not a million or more users that are registered, using the comments and rating things. Yes it works there because that's the only way to make any kind of discussion system work. You couldn't hire enough moderators to keep track of that many posts without incurring large costs to pay for the time it would take to oversee it in any sensible fashion. The fact they have several hundred thousand users flowing through the discussion also does away with said abuse because of the shear number of people with a bit of common sense (even on a site like Digg that isn't always the case). That is not the case with Tip.It who's main user base are teenagers that couldn't care less. Tip.It also doesn't have the large number of users correcting any small groups that may choose to abuse less seen threads. If a group of users were to decide to abuse the ratings on a less used board there would be absolutely nothing the regular posters of that board could do about because there simply wouldn't be enough of them to override the problem. Rating system aren't needed here, don't belong here and simply won't work here. As I said, we have moderators for a reason.
  19. A +/- rating system is no different than the karma system. It can and will be abused and will not stop people from posting spam or other crap. We have moderators for a reason. It's their job to keep the forums clean so we don't have to deal with users abusing a rating system.
  20. 1) They aren't animated. They're randomly spit out by the Uzzisoft server under the same file name to make it appear like a random image. There is no animation involved. 2) Jpeg doesn't support animation, hence #1. 3) Your sig is hosted with Uzzisoft and is working fine. (Edit: And after posting this reply your sig showed up with an animated image, which is also working fine)
  21. Wow, and I'm the moron. The page you link to is nothing more than a PDF and XPS document outlining the changes coming in SP3. You might try actually reading what you're posting instead of just throwing out the first google result you find. The Windows Service Pack Roadmap is more relevant. For those that don't understand "1H CY2008", it stands for "First half calendar year 2008". So its estimated release is by this summer.
  22. Frames are evil and should be avoided unless you have a very specific reason for using them. This, isn't one of those cases since both news and weather can be done using something like PHP to rip the info and dynamically update the page. For the OP, I would definatly suggest learning how to properly write HTML instead of using dreamweaver to point and click. The site will turn out much, much better and you'll be able to implement a lot more features than dreamweaver would ever let you do.
  23. I'd just like to note for everyone that my graphs are just a preliminary hackjob put together from the excel sheet primadog has been keeping updated. I currently have to make some tweaks to the excel file and run it through a script to move it to the SQL database, so it won't be updated as fast as some may like (I started back to classes today too :x ). Hopefully I'll have some time between classes to put together an easier way to update the values for prima and others so they can be updated a bit faster.
  24. The cookie is set under the forum.tip.it domain name and is named 'phpbb_2_mysql_t'. Pretty much.
  25. You need to look around a bit more because there's a sticky for this exact question.
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