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  1. While it may be at times inappropriate for a guide to be in a video format, video-guides do have their place. As an example, it is much more difficult to describe complex sequences of movements through either text or images than it is to illustrate with a video. It is also possible to have an overview contained early in the video, and with annotations you can allow the viewer to jump to specific time indexes in the video (tutorial: )
  2. How much was that in total? Without opening any bird nest: around a few gp more than 50m. still have to open + crush 1k nests though. I'm a little bit pissed I only gained 1k nests though should've gotten more but apparently there's a hidden cap! I just emptied my kingdom out after 3-4 months and also had only 999 nests -.-
  3. No, this won't. Oh dear, i just read this and this confirms that noone can comprehend my posts. This thread can be locked deleted or whatever, I'm done trying to teach people. My low tolerance of ignorance is most likely why I'm not inclined to do teaching @ univeresity. Your original post makes claims which contradict eachother (or are worded very poorly), so you either do not understand what you are talking about, or you are not good at communicating it.
  4. Besides what I've highlighted in red, the only other big issue I see with the post is the internal inconsistency.
  5. yeah all so good, but since they are indepedent events, not getting the drop will not make you have more chance on next one... it will be the same it's like an dice, i want to get a 6, if i throw one time and get a 2, that won't make me have more chance to get an 6.... it will stay the same Yes this is true, it does tend to make people angry though when you say something like 'how many you've killed so far is irrelevant, if you go kill xx more of them you'll have a 90% chance of getting the drop though'.
  6. I've never heard the term drop chance used before. For every monster with a set of possible drops D1, D2, ... Dn, each drop has a probability P1, P2, ... Pn of being selected upon the death of the monster, of being the drop actually given to the player. The sum of the probabilities, P1 + P2 + ... Pn = 1, because some drop must be chosen (though some monsters can drop nothing, that essentially means one of the drops is a null-drop). As you have described it, you are incorrect in your definition of 'drop rate'. There is no number of monsters you can kill to guarantee a certain drop (excluding, obviously, bugs or '100%' drops). The same concept applies to something like a coin, where you might be 'unlucky' and flip tails a great number of times in a row. However, as you kill more and more of a monster, the chance of never having obtained some particular drop D decreases. This is because if the probability of obtaining a drop D is P, then the probability of not obtaining the drop D, will of course be the sum total of the probabilities of obtaining any other drop, which is 1 - P (since the total probabilities is 1). Since 0 < P < 1, we have that 0 < 1-P < 1. The chance of not getting the drop D after killing a monster n times will then be (1-P)^n. Anyone who has taken algebra will know that repeated multiplication of a number between 0 and 1 results in a smaller number. Essentially, though 1-P (the chance of not getting the desired drop) might be very probable, the chance of not getting the drop a large number of times is not very probable. It is often said that you might kill a monster a million times and never obtain the drop you are looking for. This is true, in fact the probability of not obtaining a drop D with 'droprate' P in a million kills will be (1-P)^1000000. Since 1-P is not zero, this quantity will never be zero, and thus always has a chance of occurring. Edited for clarity.
  7. I'm sorry that my tersely worded post could have seemed like an attack, but there is no need to insult me. I was not trying to be witty, and I was not attempting to belittle you (I assume what I interpret to be hostility in your post was in response to what you assumed to be hostility on my part). My post was in fact genuine, I wanted to know your reason for classing Nex differently than other bosses. Edit: wording seemed accusatory
  8. Yeah but you truly can't no life Nex. You can do it majority of the day if you find a good team but you can't just sit in the layer rebank and go solo it 50-100 times a day. I agree nex is the most fun to fight and rewarding but its not no life-able persay lol Please define no-lifing then. Obviously you can't maintain constant killing of any boss, but you have drawn an (in my opinion,) arbitrary distinction here. Am I not aloud to say tormented demons simply because it takes a few minutes to run back to them? And bandos has an associated kill count, you wouldn't be killing him during that.
  9. I've had that happen before... one demon took my titan down to like half health. There are some positions in which the titan gets equal attention from the TD and it'll really do a number on it
  10. No, you should make sure you'll have a little extra. Don't spend your bank just to realize you can't repair your chaotics, for example. But as long as you don't literally use up all of your money and have enough to maintain your weapons to make back some money, it's a good idea.
  11. Your kill rates will be pretty similar because assuming you would use void in the ancient cavern but dhide / karils / arma in the chaos tunnels, you'll lose some of the speed you'd gain from having a familiar / being in multicombat Edit: Aside from summoning, your stats are fine for chaos tunnels. Definitely go there once you get iron titan.
  12. I had a 1k kill dry streak at tds once. It is annoying but there isn't much you can do about it. Sorry =\
  13. He seems to be pretty smart. Acting effectively to protect his own interests. I don't really understand this thread. It should probably have been put under that 'grr i died this is how' or whatever thread
  14. I do very well at tds with rapier (also ccb), up to 35 kills / 40 minutes (2 overloads) when not interrupted. It really comes down to play style though. Since you've not got 99 summoning yet you'll be using unicorn and so should probably use regular prayers, which would mean a slower weapon would probably be better and you could handle void easily. Are you going to be getting titan soon? Do you plan on using it at tds?
  15. Even if you can not, will not, or do not want to use efficient training methods, you should still know about their existence, so you can make whatever decision you end up making for a good reason. If you are uncomfortable with mousekeys, don't have a numberpad, are dirt poor and like to roleplay being a fisherman, then you shouldn't do barbarian fishing, you should go to rocktails and enjoy it. But you should be aware of the fact that there are faster ways of training fishing, otherwise you may be limiting yourself through ignorance, which is never good. As long as you're aware of your options, whatever choice you make should be up to you. Help and advice should be a place where you can get this information. Then again, if you find a particular method of training to be really fun, I think it's worthwhile to tell other people who are interested in training that skill about it, because they may feel the same way. As long as you don't claim that it is the 'best' method when it may not be, informing people of more options can never hurt. Just don't make false claims about what should be factual or statistical information if you don't have it.
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