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  1. just give up, rsc is dead
  2. Basically you fought and could mage while hitting but that was the only thing you could do while meleeing. Eating and potting and anything else oculdnt be done in combat
  3. It changed towards the end of RSC though, Jagex put code in the game that calculated the person who made over 51% damage on a player/NPC and gave XP/loot accordingly. In late-RSC it wasn't possible to just wait until a, say, lesser demon had 2hp and shoot it with fire blast once to get free loot. It sounds like he's referring to killing players in which case you could just shoot once and get the kill. They only changed it for npcs for damage.
  4. Dunno about their sizes, but here the shot class is 5-6 cl depending on the model. That would mean between 3.2 and 3,7 litres of vodka in approximately one hour. Could also continue by mentioning that a small shot equals pretty much for one bottle of beer in terms of alcohol. If someone a) does that B) survives from it c) writes understandable english after it, I'll sure buy him a drink! Conclusion: either too weak shots to be even called shots, the word "minutes" should be replaced with "days", horrible math skills or a total professional in this. Game is 100 shots 100 minutes, the shots are whatever anyone at the table is drinking, the vast majrity of them were midi beer. 100 Shots of beer? Is that not just called drinking a pint? (or two lol) I think at the end it is roughly 10 beer give or take a few... Uk Pint = Roughly 568ml Uk Shot = 25ml 22 1/2 shots per pint... Bout 4/5 pints for the 100.. Give or take :) in us its 1 oz per shot so 16 shots in a pint for 16 oz in a pint so 100 shots would be about 6 1/2 pints
  5. They're all RS2 noobs, they can go die. Jason010 was da killmasta. i remember pking wiht him in 02... while i didnt see u till 04....
  6. you used to make me addy kites :) 311 deaths 311 freak
  7. party hats weren't worth that much when rune kites first came out (when kites were worth 800k-1 mill). party hats were still relatively new and NOT highly priced, especially the red ones. I remember trading 2 r2hs for a white p hat and 3 r2hs for a pink (before the dupe when pink was most rare) and r2hs were worth more than kites. Either you are mistaken or re-writing history to look cool/
  8. What's the criteria for accessing it. I can still get on rs1, but when hd came out, the rs1 forums vanished. You have to speak with a Jagex Mod ingame I think :? That's what I did anyways. During an RSC event. an rsc event?
  9. Playing [email protected] is very dumb, it's not even close to being the same.
  10. i picked warrior. But my brother created like 100 chars as rangers to get the 10 or whatever arrows and it took him longer to make a char and drop trade the arrows than if he did something else to make money... he still thought it was a great plan... the char he was using was like cloud1-100 ... so sorry to everyone who tried to make a char cloud and certain number between 1 and 100 cause my brother was an idiot .lol
  11. No you're logged into YOUR account. Unless you somehow stole his session cookie.
  12. I remember kdog, swifty, you and I were pking and you hadn't been on in a long time (this was like 3-4 years ago) and you got the funniest kill lmao. You 3 hit eugene ru or one of mrman's cousins or something. We all couldn't stop laughing. great story... tell it at parties.
  13. He has both. You could just find another international company (if its possible in your business) that would need the service in the other 12 hours? considered that, it would be hard.
  14. Do any sites pay for you to mirror downloads or anything? Like If for instance runescape paid me to be a mirror host for their wallpapers and stuff? Does anyone know any sites that would pay for sucha thing?
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