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  1. I'm thinking of DI, ZF, Gladz, RSD and so on I have't been around for some years now, and i was wondering what happened? these clans survived for plenty of years and now, like 3 years later i don't recognise a single clan...
  2. Do you remember the zf and gladz and zf and di wars?
  3. Why are there no ppl in wild these days?? and where in rsc are the about 100 ppl who's playing? I went around for about 2 hours looking for ppl in wild, only found one rare miner. haven't been playing rs/rsc for about for 3 years now, but i rly miss pking... give me a call if u wanna fight sometime, im lvl 85 or something, i'll fight anyone anylvl
  4. yep. looks as a good fight. pitty it was crashed as all bigger wars.
  5. 1. di 2. zf 3. td/gladz 4. gladz/td 5. ds 6. trwf 7- 'the' 8. bk 9. kt 10. mk
  6. and yes i tried to reinstall firefox
  7. as you can see above my firefox is gay. In like every 10th letter it [bleep]s up and the letter i type come infront of what im writing instead of behind.... hope u know what i mean.. and it is bloody annoying Firefox worked perfectly before. Both on this and other comps. I delivered my comp to costumer support and they fixed it. I installed firefox and it's been like that since then. any help or suggestions is apprciated
  8. You'll never walk alone. Liverpool is the best team in Europe. enough said. AWSOME MATCH! I was sitting infront of the TV shaking. Dudek is the king. He really did save liverpool this time.
  9. 1] DI 2] ZF 3] Gladz 4] TD 5] BK 6] TRWF 7] MK 8] DS 9] THE 10] Anarchy
  10. First of all I'd like to congratulate ALL of zf on the win :D 8) btw bronxie the reason we defended was cause devils was not at defend spot when war was supposed to start (9:30gmt) So we took the defense spot. 25 mins too late devils FINALLY logged in (u cant expect to get defense spot when u come 25 mins late). Was a fun and clean war, awsome turnouts from both sides. here's my pics: We won with close to 40 people. War lasted about 15 mins! :shock:
  11. not everyone here is deutsch. Some ppl even hate deutsch. If both of u know how to write english, just do it
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