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  1. Hmm, I'm not too sure about that warrior. What I did was set up I.C.E., using 0.8-y as the initial conc. for CO2. The change will be 0.3 all across the board, since the mole ratios are the same. So now I factored in the 0.3 and replugged my numbers into the equation. I got 1.02, which seems impossible since the initial conc is 0.8. However, its an equilibrium, so although it says 0.8 we actually have a lot more to work with, due to CO shifting sides :) Question 2 I solved in the exact same manner, using 0.12 + y instead of -y. I ended up with 0.1648. It was two somewhat uncommon questions, so the usual methods didn't work. My earleir attemps gave much more reasonable answers, but had a few flaws in the method. Thanks for the attempt though :P
  2. Heh, it's an assignment that's been killing me over the break. I couldn't seem to solve it, but I finallyl believe I figured it out this evening. Thanks anyhow!
  3. Just wondering if anyone can give any hints as to how to go about solving the following questions: A reaction mixture, CO2 + H2 <----> CO + H2O when at equilibrium was found to contain 0.8 mol of CO2, 0.3mol of H2, 0.6mol of CO and 0.5mol of H2O in a 1.0L container. How many moles of CO2 would have to be removed from the system in order to reduce the amount of CO to 0.3mol? For this question, I'm thinking I need to set up Keq = [P]/[R], which would give me 50 = [0.3][0.5-x]/[0.8-x][0.3-x] Does that sound like it makes sense? Also, A reaction mixture, 2NO + O2 <---> 2NO2 was found to contain 0.24 mol of NO, 0.08 mol of O2 and 1.2mol of NO2 when at equilibrium in a 2.0L bulb. How many moles of O2 would have to be added to the mixture to increase the number of moles of NO2 to 1.28 when equilibrium is re-established? If I do it the same way as before, I get x^3 which I'm unsure how to solve. Perhaps it's because I'm doing it the wrong way...? Thanks for the help.
  4. I agree completely mad. I can't believe all of you saying who cares, and someone even said it was funny. Wow. Can you say idiot? Yes, there are a lot more important things in the world than this, and yes, we hear the word quite often. Yes, black people use it all the time. I hate how you guys are all whining saying "who cares black people always say it". What's your point? That's not what this story is about. This Kramer guy is an idiot, a racist idiot at that. He can burn in hell for all I care, what a jerk :roll: The heckler's do that to everyone, and I'm sure they'd do it to other black comedians too. Kramer (or whatever the idiots real name is) has mental issues. Anger management perhaps. It's sad that he had to resort to racist comments to get back at the hecklers. His apology was garbage to me also :roll:
  5. Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama are two of the Democrats stars at the moment so its a possibility. Although I know that Obama ruled out any possibility of him standing in '08 and Im not sure about Clinton. Hypothetically though if Hilary Clinton became President would that make Bill Clinton the First Gentleman? What exactly would his title be? Yeah, that's what I implied when I said I wonder if they'll elect a black man or a woman :wink: I wasn't aware that Obama ruled out running...I know that when he was first asked, he said he would not run. However, the latest I've heard is that he is seriously considering it. When did he say that he will certainly not run? Was it recently? I would be pretty disappointed if he stepped out of the running :x
  6. Bmw

    Nintendo Mii's

    I guess this looks sorta like mii. (Sorry, I just had to say that :lol: )
  7. I'm still very young, but I do support the republicans on many issues. More-so, I supported Rumsfeld in the beggining of his time in office, but found it incredibly hard to do so near the end. I too felt that he should have stepped down, and was disappointed when President George Bush said Rumsfeld would remain. I was relieved to see that Rumsfeld had stepped down a day after the mid term elections. His time was over, he had gotten America in quite a mess, and he knew it. It was incredibly unfortunate, but I still respect him. Things are sure changing in the US. For Democratic leadership, I wonder if they'll elect a black man, or a woman! It will certainly be interesting to see who our next probable President will be :o
  8. Bmw

    can you type?

    I highly recommend Typing Tutor 7. I was forced to learn it in grade 4, and I am so thankful. It has fun games and things, so you'll enjoy it. To back up the fact that it works, it has been 8 years since I used the program, and my current maximum typing speed (on a test that is) is 126wpm. On average, I type about 90wpm. Trust me, it's a great program :P
  9. It seems like it could just be a corollary to another theorem. It's like solving a question, and in the process every step is considered a theorem :lol: Just doesn't work like that :wink:
  10. Yeh I agree, wanna see that in action :? . Can't be any good for statistics Heh, tell that to Paul Pierce! 29 points, 19 boards on opening night :wink: I'm sad that the raps lost their opener, but Garbajosa just wasn't himself. NJ has an awesome starting three, and I'm happy that the Raptors played as well as they did for the first 3 quarters. Tonight's a big night in the NBA, cant wait ! :P
  11. Happy Diwali! :P I had my puja and everything already tonight, everything went well. Looking forward to good times ahead, with the help of God. Have a good one, Bmw
  12. It's because we could kick everybody else's wagon! How bout you British put together a team (not full of all stars) and see if you can beat us! :P Remind me what happened in the world championship of baseball? US got knocked out early? Canada even beat your team :lol: Anyways, I'm disappointed St. Louis won. I'm a fan of Carlos Delgado and was hoping his first trip to the post season would be good. Not to mention Chavez' catch should be enough to advance them :P Yeah, same here. I think any Canadian baseball fan has to be a fan of Delgado's. I was definitely rooting for him. However, since the Mets are now out, I'm going for Detroit to win it all. I loved their series vs NY. They were awesome. Rogers' and Bonderman's games were intense 8-)
  13. I would much rather fat people and McDonalds than dead bodies and snipers everywhere :?
  14. It's in a different language so any translation to English is an approximation. That means that as far as I know there isn't a 'right' way to spell it. Take for example the chinese rice gruel, some spell it chook, some spell it jook, some spell it juk and so on - they sound the same. As far as I know. Yeah I suppose, however it still isn't called Pyonyang. The translation is recognized as being Pyongyang. It's like saying since there's no literal translation, so I can call the place Pyonmaynge or something. Pyongyang is viewed as correct. :wink:
  15. CNN Presents: Inside North Korea was a great look around the DPRK including Pyongyang. It's so shocking to see how they are forced to live their lives, and how there is no escape from the country. In a world where we pledge democracy, perhaps the worst state of them all has been allowed to oppress their people. Only when they challenge American authority does anyone act, or realize their troubles. Kinda sad :?
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