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  1. What I mean is that for example Eve420 is #1 with 200M cooking xp. Is there any way someone can be #1 if they get 200M xp as well? Would you have to keep cooking, it just wouldn't show your experience after. Kinda hard to put it in words, but is there anyway possible to beat him as #1 cooker. You couldnt continue to keep cooking sharks and your "invisible" xp would go up past 200M. Because say he's at 209M cook xp but they dont count the 9M extra XP, is it possible to beat him as #1.
  2. Why? What's the big deal?
  3. I'll take Mayweather. Dang, I remember boxing in it's prime, now they can barely put on big fights anymore like they use to. UFC ftw.
  4. People who actually get worked up with what skill is better or harder to train really need to get a hold of themselves. Like I care you spent 1000 hours training runecrafting, how has that made your life better? Oh wow, you spent 90 hours on getting 99 fletching, you must suck. Maybe, they don't have the patience, concentration, or long enough time to get a hard 99 skill. Then that brings in the whole..."get a life" thing.
  5. I wouldn't care if someone had a camera and was filming, they'd just look like an idiot. I know some sites that you can actually get great quality movies, not just ones from a guy filming the movie from the last row and his hand shaking to make the movie quality worse. I illegally download music and movies all the time. I still watch some movies in the movie theatre. Just some movies like "The Hangover" I'll watch in a theatre, and "Up" I would rather watch for free and not waste my money on it. Same with music...I'm not wasting $1 on a song. I have over 800+ songs.
  6. Hm, wow...been awhile since I smithed anything. I got to 85 smithing with cannonballs/gold ores--> bars with gloves, and something else that made quite a bit of money. I wish I remembered what it was ..
  7. I think it'd be sweet if my parents played a bit. Little competition other than all the sports we play against each other.
  8. World of Warcraft Halo COD4 or COD5 Reading books other than Sports Illustrated Brussel Sprouts Tea Tofu Studying for more than an hour in one day
  9. Hasn't rained here in 29 days. Vancouver, BC, Canada.
  10. Yeah, all my friends play XBOX360. If I ever brought Runescape up, I would never hear the end of it. Funny thing is that I quit for a year and now I'm back.
  11. I love how people in f2p always dream about being a P-Mod like you'd be a God or something. "Omgg I wanna be a mod so bad it'd be sick" Yeah, sounds fun.
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