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Awesome Idea For a Sig Just need An Awesome Sig Maker


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Avatar or Sig: both


Size: 450x175x30kb


Background Color: something that fits the background withDDR


A Specific kind of background: idk if u can do this but have like DDR arrows moving like how they do in DDR


Render normal_Mario20Render.jpg


Do you want the render to blend in with the background: no


Font Size/Type: A good size/ http://www.dafont.com/anderson-supercar ... rakon+Elos


Text: Drakon Elos


What the text fades into(If it does): Goal to be #1 F2P


Text Color: Fits background


Text Location: Top Right Corner


Border Color: 1px black




idc how big in size or how much kb it needs i just want it cuz it will look so cool thanks much ::'


Seling 45548 Airs PM if u want to buy some!

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