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  1. I really need to write up that tutorial on stenciling and screen printing for you. I keep getting side tracked with commission jobs for hats, skateboards, shoes, and crap.
  2. OH NOES! Wearing my amazing custom Fight Club shirt. I think I took this around 3 am while playing Halo. Yes those are tattoo's, and yes they're on my collar bones. Next answer is, yes it flipping hurt.
  3. The land texturing, the grass, the mountain formation is wonderful. The colors of the sky are amazing as well, one thing I find that is lacking is the dimension and realism of the clouds. They just seem as if they don't fit into the piece. Otherwise, truley wonderful mate, truley wonderful. Did you do any post work in photoshop?
  4. If you understand the rule of thirds, you'll understand the composition of this piece.
  5. The horizontal lines are not straight. You see the road? It's not straight and that's not very good for the composition in my opinion, if it was unaviodable, leave it out. EDIT: What what was the film speed, I think I see a bit of grain in the second one? I like film grain though, it tends to add mood unlike digital noise. I used Kodak T-Max ISO 400 Speed, and as for the composition, probably the way I developed, because when I took the shot, my Tripod has a water level on it and it was sitting straight. Probably just recomposing it in the dark room would help.
  6. WTF Is squinty composition? Use correct phrases please, I'm not an imbecile when it comes to photograhy lingo.
  7. Assignment was Night Photography, so there's this night busy road about 15 miles from my house that I drove to and set up there. Camera Used: Canon Rebel K2 Shutter Speed: 1 Second Aperture: F/11 Time: 9:30 PM
  8. Why post your work if you won't take advice then? You simply want us to smooch your behind, pat your shoulder, and tell you how wonderful it is? No, that won't happen. Little known fact, art can suck.
  9. I totally and utterly disagree, the color and effects make it look low quality and like crap. And the text color/style choice is just horendous.
  10. Actually it's not lol, it's just a stock photo that I used. I originally did want to use a image of Bam but could not find one that was a large enough size to fit in an 8x10 200 DPI canvas without having to darastically blow up and distort.
  11. Well that's just damn well amazing, and toodly do to you too.
  12. It's an external link for a reason, I'm not an idiot. I put it that way so users with slower connections don't get their connections owned trying to load the page.
  13. http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/49341160/ Click on link above to view piece, it's kind of large and do not want to kill anyone's connection. Read full description on dA.
  14. Did you even make the render? As I asked before but you blatantly ignored.
  15. Did you make the Abstract Render used in the piece?
  16. JacobRyan


    Wait are we laughing at the content of the sig or the skill of the artist? Since the content isn't funny, I'll laugh at the artist. HAHAHA
  17. Your grammer sickens me. Why has this not been locked? It either a rip or posting something you haven't made yourself. -.- Your spelling sickens me. If you would have read what Woopidoo2 posted, "The Gallery is for For posting and discussion of photographs, conventional and digital images, signatures, and all other forms of art!" If you would have read that, it would have cleared up any parts you were hazy on, but seeing as you were too quick to insult, you obviously didn't. Good job ace.
  18. Reason it might seem dodgy is because of on the sword I have a guassian blur comming off of it, and the arm has the floating little glowing bubbles you see you on it.
  19. I can send you a few, but uh.. We're gonna have to do a transfer over msn. As PSD's can get quite large, as infact for my Blissful End piece, the PSD is around 80mb.
  20. Thank you, as of right now I consider it unfinished, I'm adding a space scene to it.
  21. Axeraider70 used flash a lot when he did his cartoon sigs. They were pretty awesome too.
  22. Don't be so prone to using Filters, filters, are good, if you used correctly. And not saying this isn't an interesting effect that you have here, but speaking from mucho amounts of experiments. You'll seldomly achieve what we call a "pro-sig." Something like that takes tons of experience, brushing skill, and to really think outside the box. Keep working at it, as I say to everyone. Use tutorials to learn the program, but don't follow them. If you feel during parts of the tutorial you'd rather try this instead of what they specify, go for it. It may work, it may not.
  23. Thanks for the clarification, I've never played an FF game, I just liked the picture.
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