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    Thanks to Soul Tar for the cool avvy. Sigs by me.
  1. elmo_killer6


    The first, and only concert I've been to was a Transiberian Orchestra a few years back.
  2. I got a glass ball with strings og electricity in it that go to your fingers if you touch it. While it is completely usless, it still looks awesome. It jsut doesn't have much use.
  3. I think whats fake is the inventory. Atleast put effort into a fake other than compying and pasting items into your inventory. Atleast you didn't save it as a jPeg :)
  4. I don't know exactly what it is but the square pattern on top is really kind of killing it for me. Also blend the c4d into the background so it doesn't jsut seem pasted on.
  5. I was all like why is that ironic, then I remembered Samus is a girl #-o As for the sig, it seems oversharpened which causes it too look too busy. You should try more to blend the render other than jsut bluring, which ish causes that back arm and her side to look way too blurry.
  6. Guide That's a pretty good guide.[/hide]
  7. You have to go through the tunnels whose wntrance is in the goblin area, then go all the way through to come out at the observatory on the other end. Make sure you have you clue with you when you talk to the professor.
  8. Its basically just an outline for the picture. A simple border is basically jsut a 1 pixel balck line around the outside of the sig. To do it make a new layer on top of all the others, go to select->select all, then go to edit->stroke/ouline selection, then just use 1 pixel black.
  9. 4/10 Some add banners and some text from ingame...
  10. Was just editing my profile with this new siggy.
  11. This is any better. I took out the text cause it was kinda killing it.
  12. First (succesful) sprite sig. I like the way it came out, tryed some new stuff. EDIT: Ver 2.
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