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  1. That is funny, but seriously guys.
  2. I just read the new diary, and it says that one month after the release of summoning, a new batch of monsters is coming! Discuss on what these monsters could be!
  3. Pretty nice, and I would like to have it if it is avaliable, as I will soon be using a rotating signature, and I could add this please? Please make the text Sephariol. Thanks!
  4. Hmmm, perhaps you should make something as a reward for the person who gives the best idea? Perhaps, a custom signature? And I will give you a design, working on it. :)
  5. Personally, no offence, I am hating on this, I mean, cmon, space and Assassin's Creed? Get real, but here is some advice for the future, do a background that blends with the render in colour and timeage, and what program are you using? Use brushes which are found on Deviantart. If you want me to, I can teach you how to make the following signature, but I do not think my bg is good, but in the tutorial, I could improve on that, so pm me for a tut and good luck! :D
  6. So I live in Ottawa, and I saw on A-Channel that Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles premieres Jan 13th, what is it going to be about? Discuss, and I think the terminator is called Sarah and the person she is protecting is Connor. Discuss! :)
  7. Yes, the above are good stats, but what do you need a tank for? Unless you are making a bounty pure, pking is dead... :-k
  8. I found this link on another forums and it seems to state that RS is coming to consoles? http://www.computerandvideogames.com/ar ... ?id=167285 Now, this platform version of Runescape has apparently already been created... Gower also said this... Does this mean that if enough players show interest in bringing Runescape to console it could happen? Jagex has shown this trend in the past, whereby if enough players rallied for something (such as clan support) it was brought into the game. IS this a possibility? Of course bringing Runescape to console will have a lot of technicalities, but do you think this could happen in the years to come? Andrew Gower has said that is is possible, and even "revealed a console version" of Runescape. Would you play Runescape if it were a PS3 game? What are your thoughts on this? Discuss :D
  9. Prices cannot rise for any item over 3k, as Jagex has put in set prices for all the items, and soon they are going to release a system in which you can borrow armour from a friend for a set time or until one of you logs out.
  10. Many people have asked this question and the reply is always the same, try Varrock mines, they are the best ones, and if you have 60+ mining, mine iron and take the shortcut through the guild. Good luck! :wink:
  11. Oh all right, but does anyone know how to lower the size of signatures to 30kb? And Guthix121, do you use CS3?
  12. Guthix121, do you mind choosing another render please? I cannot do that render for personal reasons.
  13. I hate those [developmentally delayed]ed scammers out there! Oh my god! Please mind my language in the following sentence. MOD EDIT: No Naming Names in negative light. QueenValerie TipIt SuperMod is a [bleep]ing piece of [cabbage] who is a little [bleep] and should stick her [wagon] in a lion's mouth and get it ripped off. She scammed me and took away my whole bank! I had full rune and many other items, it took me so long to get the full rune as I had been scammed 10 times previously as people stole other sets of my full rune, stole 500 lobsters from me, and I also suffered the loss of money a couple months back when I got 1.2 mill and started merchanting it, I wound up with 343k in the end, and I loss that money also when I was on my lvl 10 and a dwarf killed me. I was talking to my friend while attacking dwarves and then I was killed!!! I AM SO MAD AT JAGEX FOR RUINING RUNESCAPE WILDERNESS!!! OH MY GOD!!! RUNESCAPE IS RUINED SCAPE NOW! The only cure is for summoning to be f2p. Ahhh...calm down.... -.-
  14. Wow, just talk to your friend and maybe he will be fine when Summoning has been released. I have suffered the loss of many friends also as all my friends have been on my list since one or more years, some of my good friends have quit RuneScape I think and that saddens me, but this is about you not me.
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