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failed/accurate RS predictions


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Like in real history, some have made predictions of major events in RuneScape. Some were accurate, others were not. Does anyone know of any such predictions? This does not include PLANNED updates, etc, a prediction must be of something not officially announced.








(If two sides are predicting opposite things, the more reasonable prediction (IMO) is used.)








Here are the ones I know of:








1. No one will ever get level 99 in every stat.




Originated: c. December 2001




Status: Failed




Some people were discussing what would one do if they got level 99 in every stat. Most people believed it to be impossible. But now, several people have it, and Madgamer2, Green098, Aaron11144, Minerman64, and Venom0619 will probably reach it soon as well.








2. There will be protests in RS




Originated: c. 2003




Status: Accurate




I once posted a message discussing whether people would stage protests and riots in RS, like in the historical eras. Most people believed that it won't happen, but some did happen. For example, the Rule 7 protest, and several others.








3. There will be no equipment more powerful than dragon




Originated: 2002-2003




Status: Failed




People believed that dragon was to be the most powerful, but now we have third age and barrows stuff.








4. The members version of RS Classic will be released to free users




Originated: c. 2005




Status: Failed




Since Jagex no longer updates RSC, people believed that Jagex would release the members version of RSC to free users. Ironically, they actually took away the free version.





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