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Posing For A Photo/Fur Trader's Death


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Took me seven hours. I used only the pencil tool in MS Paint. Moved it to ImageReady where I made the white transparent and add the text. So only pencil and text tool. Line tool for outside would have ruined all the joy of pixeling.








Made this for a friend and just finished. Not really finished, but mostly done. I want some CC for this so I can make changes and perfect it for my friend.








He pretty much wanted him posing in Varrock Square sort of like a photo (which I made this a photograph). He wanted to be wearing some bomber jacket doodad that he showed me a screen shot of, a blue party hat, a amulet of glory (which I forgot), white gloves, blue plants, and a lava staff. With his free hand, he would have a peace sign.








I added the grim reaper, bear, and fur trader for humor.








Figured I would try to be creative and actually make this like a photograph that is slightly tilted since everything is so not tilted today. I was thinking of maybe making this like some Harry Potter picture doodad where the pictures moves. :o








Well, CC please.
























Just changed the font and color to Firestorm456. I think red looks better.








Going to probably add a picture of a cow in his pocket.

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EDIT: Got it working..Hard to believe it took you seven hours.








C/c: I think it would be a good idea for you to make the main character closer to the "camera" and bigger. I think then, the perspective wouldn't be so messed up. The peace sign the guy's making looks very weird.


do u wow?

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Friend seems to agree with you that the character is a bit odd in size. Good thing I did the character in ImageReady is a seperate layer so I can hide and redo him to see if I make a better version of him.

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His legs are a bit off anatomy. Good other than that :) love the way its placed also ::'


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