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cheapest magic training?


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Fortress in wild is cheapest magic training. Take staves. Remember you get 3 things on death and 4 with protect. They are lvl 8 and drop nats for more spells. The fortress has chaos mind body and all elements. I trained 1-50 on my pure there. Its cheapest cause it is free! I actually profited cause i banked and sold excess every few hours. Bring some melee or range to back up your magic and get more hp if you want.




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If you do mage arena properly; buy and sell infinity items, you can make a huge profit, but you need a substantial initial investment.


Dragon Drops: D spear x 2, D skirt, D half-shield, D axe, D 2h

Barrows Rewards: Ahrims hood, Karil's Coif, half key x 6, D med, torags legs, veracs flail

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