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  1. Looking sweet man! Cash pile looks good ;) keep up with the good work! Making me proud <3
  2. Thanks Swedish :D yeah pics should hopefully be up today :)
  3. Not done much today, trying to level mage though! 160k left :D
  4. Good luck with the rest of them man :D
  5. Gained 67 mining yesterday from Citadel :) If anyone wants a fun active clan, just give me a pm :)
  6. I AM NOW BACK FOR ANOTHER SPELL AT RS!!!! Will update my blog soon, new bank pic, new stats, new EVERYTHING!
  7. Hey Guys, I'm looking for a clan which isn't all based on slaying monsters and doing mini-games etc etc, i'm looking for a clan who has fun and are good bunch of guys/ girls :D Combat: 90 Combat without summoning: 85 Total level: 1603 Attack/ Strength/ Defence: 71/60/71 HP: 76 Range/ Mage: 79/85 Contruction: 55 Runecrafting: 54 Dungeon: 23 summoning: 40 Agillity: 57 Herblore: 60 Crafting: 65 theiving: 56 Fletching: 80 Slayer: 55 Hunter: 60 Mining: 64 smithing: 65 fishing: 76 cooking: 80 woodcutting: 80 Firemaking: 78 Farming: 60
  8. Dunno what to do today, all skills are almost 55+ so maybe ill finish that off :D
  9. Good luck with the rest of your goals man :thumbsup: You have some really nice stats :) Oh, and btw - Love the music, acoustic guitar is an amazing instrument :) very nice playing.
  10. Nice man, I love the fact you have an amazing total level comparing to your combat level. 10/10 for the level/ total/ bank :thumbsup:
  11. First ever time down GWD, got a bit bored with killing aviansies so im off to bed :D
  12. Not sure what I'll be doing today, may just skill quite a bit and hope for levels to come :) Maybe 55 slayer?
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