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  1. I had the same issue. The problem is, Vista places some critical system files towards the end of your hard drive (the Master File Table I think it is, or MFT), so you can't shrink your hard drive as those files are there. Go here - http://www.brighthub.com/computing/windows-platform/articles/22459.aspx Follow the steps there, it will cover the HD issue and will fix it so you can shrink it down much, much more than the pittance you're originally offered. Be patient, the tools used in there will take a few hours to do, just leave them be, and you'll a hard drive ready to dual boot.
  2. Make sure you have addons, they really help you in WoW. Up to you on what to have, but QuestHelper is a MUST for levelling quicker. It will show you where to go and what you need to do, so you don't waste any time questing. Get it here - http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/quest-helper.aspx There are many other useful addons, but that is one of the must haves for quick levelling. At your level, you should be questing around Westfall. Sentinel Hill offers plenty of quests to do there. Once you've done everything you can there, head up to Redridge Mountains. (Its east from Elwynn Forest.) Go to Lakeshire and start questing there, there is plenty of quests there. That should get you on track to about level 23-25. Don't forget to group up and head to Deadmines. (Located in Moonbrook, Westfall) Recommend that you be at least level 18 before trying it, unless you're getting a run through.
  3. Yeah, Avira is quite good. Link for it - http://www.free-av.com/en/download/1/avira_antivir_personal__free_antivirus.html Just click the download now to get it. And yes, that link is clean. Its the official link from Avira.
  4. Jesus Saves (Live) - Slayer Great opening, love the song
  5. Have you patched CoD4 up to the latest patch, which is 1.7 IIRC. If you haven't done that yet, you should patch CoD4 to the latest version.
  6. Here. http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux_display_ia32_180.22.html That's the latest Linux driver for the 8200M. I always found internet can be a real pain on Linux, especially Wireless. You either get lucky and have a supported card, or you tear your hair out getting one to work.
  7. Simple question. Can I use an upgrade version of XP to install in a dual boot, or do I have to use a Fresh Install version? Thanks.
  8. I'll second that. Got to love Australian Internet - this is the best we can get in our area.
  9. Try using a different player, like VLC, and see if that fixes the issue.
  10. Readyboost will only show improvements in systems that are really scraping the minimum RAM requirements for Vista. So systems with 512mb RAM may notice an improvement with Readyboost, but once you're in Vista's recommended zone for RAM, you won't see an improvement. So 2gb RAM and up, there is no real point to using Readyboost.
  11. Looking for some advice here. I'm a druid. Fairly close to dinging 40 and I was thinking of a respec to balance to give moonkin a try. Does balance even come close to the speed of feral levelling? I can understand there'd be a bit more downtime with mana, but if every fight I have to drink, I won't bother.
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  14. The 128mb is dedicated for your graphics card whereas the rest is shared from your system RAM. Dedicated graphics memory beats the pants off shared memory, so the higher dedicated memory you can get, the better.
  15. I have a Razer Deathadder and love it. I game often with it and have had absolutely no problems with it in over a year. Very comfortable in the hand and a pleasure to use. 5 buttons is very useful, no interchangeable weights but I feel it is fine as is.
  16. Disable all your addons so you're back to vanilla Firefox. Surf for a while and if nothing crashes, you know its an addon problem. Then enable your addons one by one to pick out the one giving you trouble.
  17. Vista Business has Remote Desktop built in. (Start > Accessories > Remote Desktop Connection)
  18. Unlocker - Fixes those pesky errors that stop you deleting, moving files. (eg "This file is already in use") Pidgin - Nice IM client, handles many different services like MSN and Yahoo.
  19. If it is RAM, and you have more than one stick, take them out and try booting with just one stick so you can pinpoint which RAM is bad. If you only have one stick, try Memtest like Makoto said.
  20. VLC Media Player is great. It's lightweight and will play nearly any video you throw at it. Personal recommendation from me as I always use it for watching vids.
  21. For WoW you can get away with 128mb dedicated graphics. Easily. The more the better if you got the money though.
  22. Alienware for WoW. . . WoW isn't that demanding and I don't think the OP needs something that powerful, or overpriced for that matter. My laptop (1.6ghz dual core, 2gb ram, GeForce GO 7300) runs WoW with ease. With most graphics down, I can break 60FPS without a sweat. So even laptops with low end dedicated cards (GeForce GO 7300, 8200, 9300) will play WoW. Got to watch the Intel GFX because they use shared memory, the low end Nvidia's normally have at least 128mb dedicated, which is what you want.
  23. Oh yeah, it's the 23rd in Australia too, Americans will have to wait another few hours. Got a question. Should I drop alchemy for enchanting? I've mainly been selling the herbs on the AH for good money and I've found I have a lot of greens/blues going to waste. It's my first char btw.
  24. It'll run RS HD with ease, you should be able to run a few older games on the 8200M as well, like CSS and WoW
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