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Best Place for Red Chinchompa's?


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Where would be the best place to use Red Chinchompa's for the fastest experience? The only good place I can think of is in the pub in the Bandit camp, but I always hear about the dungeon from the Monkey Madness quest being the best. Can anyone explain where to go in the Monkey Madness dungeon?








Thanks :D

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I think theres a place where the rocks don't fall and theres level 100+ skellys down there, just bring 2 sharks 1 aggy tele tab and rest prayer potions, use protect from meele from them, once you run out of p pots tele out and get more. You can get 300k exp per hour with this.

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pc would be best i think and not for the rewards you can cash in for








during the games many monsters tend to stand on one square which leads to very fast xp

[omg] who cares if its nerfed or fixed....

you people will argue over the color of a green apple if it was a topic on this fourm god.

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