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  1. Moderate lag, depending on specs, connection, there's still some safe, one only squares when people run by. Also long time no see ;) ~ Captainkidd
  2. Is magick real irl? I dont seem to kno my dreams have been so askew lately I cant tell wether im dreaming or someone has been following me releasing smells infont of me. I dont want to talk to my family because these "magically beings" that I cant hear to see make me scared of them including the smell.
  3. Display names for sure. Post-Nov 2010 players don't even have login names, and Jagex updated RSC to support display names, so I see no reason why 2007 servers wouldn't have them. Thanks! That makes sense :) Now will Tip.it bring back their 2007 site & forums along side this current version? ~ Captainkidd
  4. When we login to this 2007 server, will our original Login Names be shown or our Current Display Names? Does anyone know? ~ Captainkidd
  5. You should try staking before you max, say level 80+? ~ Captainkidd
  6. You need to decide on how you want to achieve 90 attack, whether it be the fastest, most profitable or the least amount of effort (semi-AFK). ~ Captainkidd
  7. Flipping is a method of merchanting. In simplest terms one would find out at what price an item instantly buys and sells at (on the Grand Exchange), then put in a buy offer at the instant buy price, wait a few hours or over night, then sell the items for the instant sell price. ~ Captainkidd
  8. Your about to blow approximatively 700M+ on buyables so after you max I guess you could work on making that money back. ~ Captainkidd
  9. Nope just 88. To calculate 99 simply go to the calculator, put your username in and hit "Get stats!" then put 99 in the desired level box then select Smithing under the category and hit "Tip Me" at the bottom. ~ Captainkidd
  10. 18,561 Mithril Bars or 3,712 Platebodies 14,849 Adamant Bars or 2,970 Platebodies Tip.it has calculators that can be used to figure this type of information out in the future. http://www.tip.it/runescape/?page=skill_calculators.htm http://www.tip.it/runescape/?page=smith_smelt_calc.htm ~ Captainkidd
  11. It will take you 14 hours at frost dragons to make the 39M to get construction without the SC hammers, plus the extra time spent using twice the logs adds 26 hours to the whole process. If you can't get the required number of hammers to achieve 99 in less than 40 hours then doing SC isn't time effective. ~ Captainkidd
  12. Another option is if you have a friend who you really really trust (i.e. player mod or irl friend) that doesn't lend out items simply give them one item and have them use the loan system to loan it out and get the GP from them. ~ Captainkidd
  13. 1. No 2. No 3. This is still on a honor system since I don't believe its Tip.it's policy to ban users if they scam another member, even if you can supply undeniable proof. My suggestion is to always have an item loaned out via the loan system, if your not already doing this, and maybe to take some kind of collateral (items) with equal value or lesser value depending on how trusted you deem they are. ~ Captainkidd
  14. I'd still like the link to an article that states this, I tried searching a few times up couldn't come up with anything. ~ Captainkidd
  15. I edited my first post to make it more clear on what I'm trying to accomplish. ~ Captainkidd
  16. 28 days. What you do is after you change it in members, you wait 28 days and then you can change your display name again. When you make this second change, your original one will become free. By the original one you mean the name that you login with with become available? Can anyone find the article on this subject, I believe thats where I read it. ~ Captainkidd
  17. A long time ago I created an account with an epic login name, and I remember reading that if you change your login name to something that isn't your login name after X number of days anyone can use your login name as there display name. I just put membership on the epic account and changed its name to something different then its login name, but I need to know the exact amount of days until it's login name free'd up so no one can steal it. ~ Captainkidd
  18. Defence levels count towards fending off damage from magic attacks, so dueling someone with a higher defence level then yourself isn't the greatest idea since mathematically it puts you at a disadvantage. This can also explain your splashing. However this doesn't mean there isn't luck involved with staking because trust me, there is. ~ Captainkidd
  19. I have no trouble getting my files back with GetDataBack as it shows me my C:\ just like it was before this mess, right now I'm trying to see if there is someway to recover the entire partition and put it back onto the hard drive so my computer was like it was before. ~ Captainkidd
  20. I did download and try Recurva, but it stopped within seconds of starting because it couldn't find the boot sector or something along those lines. But with GetDataBack it didn't search for any of the files, it just found the partition and all the files. I just don't know how I'd go about restoring my computer. I was thinking, because I made that .iso image of my hard drive to wipe it, then somehow install the .iso image onto the hard drive? I really don't know. :S ~ Captainkidd
  21. I got the adapter and it recognized the drive with no problems. I used the program "GetDataBack" and it opened up my C:\ drive with all the files and folders still intact, and although I wasn't able to recover my data, because I'd need to buy it I was wondering if there would be a way to just recover that partition that it found, and "re-intstall" it back onto my hard drive so it would return the computer to what it was before this whole ordeal. I'm also going to create an .iso image of the complete hard drive just to keep as a backup or possibly to work from until I get this all 100% worked out. ~ Captainkidd
  22. Well hopefully I should only need to use this once for an hour or two so I wasn't trying to spend any money on it, and hopefully it comes tomorrow so it gives me something to do when its extremely hot. ~ Captainkidd
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