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Music not working at all


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Since the new sound update, the rs music is not working at all lol.




I've checked speakers, sound volume, made sure all sound is on in-game. My normal music works just fine. But all the Rs music doesn't work at all, lol.




I can live without the improved crappy music, but I'm just wondering why?

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You should report to Tech Support or to Report a bug/fault.








Jagex has said this:




You should report any problems relating to the audio content in RuneScape. This includes:








* Problem with the music player




* Musical glitches




* Sound effects being played at the wrong time








Please note that audio only works:








* Under Internet Explorer (using either Sun or Microsoft Java)




* Under other browsers if using Sun Java version 1.5 or higher




* If JavaScript is turned on




* Using the signed applet

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Lol I won't send them a bug report, they won't even read it.




I don't remember, but I think I'm on low detail, think that might be it? But I thought they said music was supposed to work on low detail too now? :lol:




Also, oddly enough, the sound effects still work, but not the music. I also have the lastest java. I use their browser launcher, and I tried loggin with internet explorer, and it still did not worked. It was fine before they made the update too.

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Lol this is hilarious! When I play my normal music, I can hear the Rs music in the background, but when I close the music program, I cant hear the Rs music!





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