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  1. thanks there... but.. i didnt think of mage pots..because when i used to do mage pots, and wanted to buy the seconds.. it was relatively hard fro me to find sellers! - I think making super sets would be the best.. since, they are easy to find and sell! any more ideas? cheers1
  2. thx for the reply! i still need to plan things out.. but thanks!
  3. hi all well i was thinking of getting my herb level higher (currently 84) - to... like 90+... is there someone who can recomand any pots that i can make!? I mean.. making ppots to get that level is not really a good idea i guess.. but are there any other pots that are of normal xp (speed).. and of normal price.. (cash is not always the problem) Cheers!
  4. for fast XP - do willows - draynor, north of seers bank, south of ardy south bank... etc :)
  5. [bleep]ed boots - talk to the blacksmith in burthrop (if im not wrong you will need an iron bar to do so) rouges den is under the bar in burthrop
  6. as bballer said you will need a visa - it will also renewl on its own 3 days before the membership ends! - and its rather safe :)
  7. untanned: 1.8-2k ea tanned donno... never bought
  8. y antipoison? - if pkers attack you - they will until they kill u :S
  9. ordinary feathers are faster - i am 99 fish and checked stripey feathers - and felt that they were slow :wall: o well maybe i dont have that needed patience
  10. hmmm would recomand getting 52 there (or barb) then go to wildy one - its much faster - btw i am amazed that u have died there :o
  11. Erm, take cakes, as i didn't know untill recently, but the lower your hp, the less damage you take. Wear boots of lightness and a spotty cape... Armour isn't really needed, but you could take like Dhide or something cheap like that. Take about 10 Super energies and the rest cakes. As you go up Agility levels you'll need less cakes/more potions. I haven't actually been yet, but try it out. i recomand that reduce the energy pots and increase the food - you "wouldnt" need aloot of energy - i prefered getting more food cause the falls are rather of great damage, and you can also get hit by skeletons when u fall! - that the reason for ore food
  12. willows - draynor - north west of seers bank - south of ardy south bank
  13. silverlight - from the legends guild shop - 75gp
  14. if im not wrong - 33 334 chaos needed
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