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  1. you can do it solo with 1 def and no protect prays its just hard
  2. get a friend to block the bosses / find places to block them on your own and you will be fine. kamil might be a bit hard, just fire bolt with chaos gaunts and restore when your mage is low
  3. i remember trying to kill abby demons years ago with 50 odd slayer. people kept atting them after i safe spotted <_<
  4. thanks for all the bands i only really liked otep but i found another band i like called kittie
  5. if they ask for no arm you ask them back for no wep. then watch them flame you more
  6. what are some bands with good female screamers so far ive only heard straight line stitch (didnt like much) and the agonist (liked alot)
  7. the only one on there ive played and thought was good was metal gear 3. even after its been out for so long its my fav game, i wish i could play 1 2 and 4 to see what happens next in the story as watching them on utube isnt as good
  8. i doubt im going to use the dungeons much. im only useing the hilly one on pvp world to make some cash training cbs
  9. bad day today. both mum and my ex wants me to talk to somone and see if i can get anti depresants cos im getting really bad
  10. epic bank pic. only 118k coins? i though you would have alot more
  11. if you pvp. yes for maging tasks/bossing/ect. no
  12. train your defence then? <3 (to gilf cos im to stupid to work out how to reply once i posted this)
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