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  1. I want to do the Desert Treasure quest for the ancient spell book and staff, I plan to mage My combat levels are: Mage - 60 Defense - 34 Prayer - 31 Hitpoints - 45 What are some recommended levels to have? I had in mind possibly Mage - 65 Defense - 40 (Decent Defense) Prayer - 43 (for Protection Prayers) Hitpoints - 50+ Or are those skills still to low?
  2. Yes thats the basic concept... i have truoble finding things that i can buy low cause its hard for me to predict what change will happen. can you answer any of the questions?
  3. Ok so merching is a good way to make some extra cash i hear, but I have never tried it before so i haave no idea what to look for or where to start for that matter. What i do know about merching is that you can either buy in bulk like so many thousands of one item, or using a single rare/vaulable item buying it for less and selling it for more, but ive checked various items on the GE but dont know what to pick and how to see if i can make a profit on it. Im not sure how to predict when it will go up/down. Some Questions So what are some items that make a decent amount of money? How should i go about looking on the GE and predicting the future value of an item? What are some basic tip/guide lines to follow when merching an item? Thanks, The 420 Rythme
  4. Runecrafting has always been one of my favorite skills to train, i understand the fact you dont want an easy 99 although it wouldnt be bad to get your first 99 with something rather easy Something you can do while your training that skill like forums...
  5. Nah i would sell the uncharged glorys and buy fully charged ones, the profit of natures would probably make up for it?
  6. how much would that cost and take, i know charms would be a pain so any good advice on a monster with high charm drops or what path to take to get to lvl 57 summoning? i only have about 250k to spend but i guess if thats what it takes
  7. omg thats so far away!!! hahaha thanks a lot
  8. What if i got my defence up to say lvl 40? idk what combat that would put me at but im only combat lvl 41 right now
  9. Where exactly is he in relation to the bank in catherby
  10. ya im using the Earth Runecrafting Gloves and even though its a far walk (with a musician on the way) it is so worth it!! im a member going for 44 for Natures and this is by far the fastest way i have used
  11. Well im getting 44 Runecrafting with my Earth Runecrafting gloves, and was wondering with my lvls what would be the fastest way to craft Natures
  12. yes i did know there were rc gloves for air, water, and earth. but as for using a ring of dueling to do fire runes i really dont want to spend any extra cash i have
  13. i would say keep runecrafting as it is a very profitable skill, although it is hard to lvl after a while
  14. i really dont want to have to spend on extra stuff like that so i think im going to go with the traditional walking method
  15. limit yourself to how many hours you can play a day/week
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