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  1. Castle Wars is crap now, although thankfully there's a load of new items if you like wasting your tickets! (sarcasm)
  2. Yo Koddo, I said the exact same thing. I hadn't played for 6+ months and came back and didn't recognise so much. I've just wc'ed since getting members as it's easy to afk thanks to ivy but once I get 99 i'm going to get back into slaying. I did a bit of f2p dungeoneering but doubt i'll do it on p2p. It's taken me 2 weeks but I think I understand most stuff now. I'm too old school for my own good. Mizen
  3. Well, the shield is undeniable useful, but it's just not feasible to use it for most people. Unspam: What's "wrong" with this picture? 173/173 kudos but there's still an empty display case?
  4. Farmed all 1k Kwuarms myself. Replanted all 5 patches at the start and end of every day I was on and on weekends after every 2/3 slayer tasks. Also gained my first 10m+ cashpile on this account thanks to this.
  5. Fs i agree with this noob. Castle wars was the most fun, least fun that i've played was Trouble Brewing
  6. Ye don't rush with that ring. : Protects over Spirit shields too lol
  7. Sheep Herder annoyed the hell out of me.
  8. Did the quests for Zanik's Crossbow which got me to 460 songs so I spent all of today questing for Air Guitar; 77+9 combat, 177 Quest Points now too. Oh and i'm fairly sure I managed it with 499 songs due to encountering this odd glitch last week;
  9. where was it :S West of Falador, by the mines, was there for my 2nd Evil Tree of the day
  10. :| Had the same amount of songs despite unlocking the infamous "." song... No clue what it is
  11. I don't train agility, nor can i wear the armour but i think this is a great high level update and i'm personally loving the little improvements Jagex are making here and there.
  12. I only train combat via slayer, which category does this fall under? It's far slower combat training but trains slayer at the same time. I do this as it bores the living sin out of me to camp somewhere for combat exp.
  13. My bad, thanks a lot Mr.Popular Dan lol, i've got less than 50 people added :shock:
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