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Sin81 blog to 360 gamer points


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Gamertag = = Sin81




Currently Gamer Points = = 4850












I am going to try to get the majority of my gamer points fromt he games i own for my xbox 360. I aim to complete all the single player and hopefully if my girlfriend will help me most of the multiplayer ones(Although she hates playing games so may take a very long time)








I have always loved the idea of the gamerpoints on the console. The main reason i play games is to achieve something, main reason i play runescape is i can see my experiance growing. Anyway i own around 12 games i think. This thread will show you the achieve,ents i still need ot get for each game. Aswel as the ones that i have completed during the time the thread has been active.








If anyone knows a quick way to get any of the points listed then please let me know. And also i am always up for a game online if people want to play me.
















{{{Coming soon, list of games and achievments needed}}}}}








Can't post the the ones i need atm im at work (how naughty am i :))

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