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Demoli's top 10 5th Gen Pokémon

Posted by Demoli, 13 November 2010 · 3,319 views

Demoli's top 10
Generation V Pokémon

Like many of you may or may not have heard, the 5th Generation os Pokemon were released in Japan about 2 months ago. Months of discussion and speculations were finally satisfied by Game Freak who, in my opinion, provided us the best Pokemon Game since Gen 2.

And that's the core of this list, because with a good Gen come very good designs. This Gen wasn't Shabby on these. It pleased both competitive players and not-so-serious players.

In case anyone wants to see other animated sprites, check this site

Since the horrible intro is over, let's get on with this list, and present my top 10 favourite pokemon of Generation V

Number 10
Posted Image

Muraando is the final evolution of what is, basicly, this Gen's Rattata. Difference being, it is actually very decent. Sure, it won't break any records or surpass the likes of Salamence competitivly, but it's the design that stands out. It's a FREAKING YORKIE WITH 'STACHE STAND STRETCHES TO IT'S HIND LEGS. I dunno if it's only that, but there's something that draws me to it.

Number 9
Posted Image

Yeah, i actually placed a legendary on the list. It's the only one i'll put here though, and rightfully. Ireally like this design. It has this wierd mistique of ancient dragons. plus, when he is really angry, his tail ignites into a strong flame. Plus, his special is pretty increadible. Comtetitivly, it's one of the best. Sure, he isn't Kyogre or Mewtwo, but he can hold it's own with his massive special attack and type coverage. His speed is kinda of a bummer though.

Number 8
Posted Image

Clam Ninja is awesome. I know Scyther, Scizor, Grovyle and Ninjask were also suposed to be ninjas, but none were pulled of as successfully as Agirudaa. The eyes, the shell, the fake arms, the scar. It's sooo well done. Competitivly, i heard it's one of the best Leads out there, sometimes being a major annoyance.

Number 7
Posted Image

I freakin hate spiders. Even in pokemon, that ariados fella was awefull. But Denchura? It is increadible. Those blue spikes on the back, all those eyes and the bulky appearence make it look appealing somewhat. When things get real, it's also very decent. It's ability, plus access toThunder and other special moves let it fire powerfull strikes that cover many threats. It isn't very spread, but it's usable.

Number 6
Posted Image

Aaaand things get creepy! Desukan is so wierd it's good. Specially in motion. It has an unique ability that can screw up many things, and it can rarely help other ones. But look at it's looks! Bright and cheery and at the same time so dark and eery. Just increadible. I really like his smile in particular.

Number 5
Posted Image

Aaaaah, the candle. Don't you love this thing. It is a really well done pokemon, because it literally feels like a Fire-Ghost pokemon. The one to have the brilliant idea to use a chandelier for this deserves several awards. Competitivly, it's a beast. No way around it. It has the ability to trap other pokemon, and KO them without a thingle scratch, and if you don't have a Pursuit user or are lucky enough to survive a hit, you're doomed. Thats it.

Number 4
Posted Image


Number 3
Posted Image

Mothra is in this game. That alone should be able to convince you, but in case it isn't, just hear, or rather, look. It is so bringh coloured, yet it feels threatening. I think it's the wings and the lower abdomen, so big and imposing. It has a massive speciall attack and access to two powerfull moves: Butterfly Dance and Fire Dance. These can effectivly turn the tables around, and with enough time, it can sweep an entire team.

Number 2
Posted Image

I don't like mijumaru, or even Daikenki for that matter, but Futachimaru really breathes the idea the creator was trying to pass: A samurai Otter. Hell, just look at it! It is the enbodiment of badassitude. The menacing eyes, the pose, the shells, the wierd fur on the back of it's head. The teeth. So awesome. When it comes into the field, at least on serious battles, it won't do much, because not only isn't he fully evolved, as he doesn't have that great of a movepool either. Still, his coolness factor is one of the best in the series!

Well, it's time for number, which new pokemon can surpass these already listed?

Well, who the hell do you think it is?

Number 1
Posted Image

Hell yes! Wargle is the [cabbage]! It is the Chuck Norris of Pokemon, the everlasting design, the symbol of Generation V. The indian head, the bright colours, the menacing look, and the cutest pre-evolution ever, Wargle remains the best pokemon os Gen 5. Not in the competitive play though, as he isn't up to notch to the likes of Metagross and Salamence, but he can handle it's own in UU, and with enough support, it might even fight back some of the major threats, like the Candle <.< .

Cutest Pokemon below:

Unfortunatly, many pokemon were left out, some of wich i really like, such as Onokoruzo, Sazandora, Doryuzzo, Borungero and Waruvial, but the list only has 10 spots, and here they are.

Fell free to share your opinion on this list on the comments below, share your personal favourites, or even make your personally list in response of this one.

That being said, also feel free to hop on the TET bus someday and enjoy our great variety of events and activites we organize each Weekend. A link to our forums can be found here.

Side note: I will not make another top 10 list until i finish some IRL and TET stuff, plus a little sujrprise I'm organizing, feel free to leave ideas though.

Why you hatin' on Ariados? He was awesome.

(In looks, that is, who'd actually play for fighting against others?)
Needs more Smugleaf at 1
Seriously, when the games are released in English, I'm gonna catch a Wargle and name him Colbert.

and the cutest pre-evolution ever,

And this thing's animation

I loll'd at the last pokémon, he's so cute ^^