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One tough FireLady

Posted by IamTardis, 09 March 2012 · 917 views

After finishing Recipe for Disaster I felt strong. Strong enough to even try Branches of Darkmeyer, which at the end involves killing a Vyrewatch named Vanstrom Klaus. After doing all kinds of chores around Darkmeyer to get access to the Blisterwood tree, I grabbed myself a lot of blisterwood stakes and good food and tried it. Only to be killed by that blood special of his. Fortunately, I respawned in Canifis and used the Drakan medaillion to get back to Darkmeyer - and my gravestone - in time to get my gear back. I re-equipped and tried again. Only to be killed by Vanstrom's darkness special. Respawned at Canifis again, tele'd to Darkmeyer and my gravestone and got my gear back. It took quite a few tries to figure out how to tackle Vanstrom's special attacks. Quite a few tries and some helpful guide-videos on youtube. Long live youtube. After some twenty or so deaths, I got fed up with it, yelled all kinds of real nasty things to my poor helpless laptop and started to do some agility to calm down and forget about Vanstrom Klaus.
A couple of days and a lot of guide-videos later I decided to take a chance at it again. So I followed the same old routine: get Drakan Medaillion, teleport to Darkmeyer, gear up and go for it. Of course it didn't go perfectly the first time out, so I died a couple of times. I used so many blisterwood stakes I ended up running out of them, even though I started out with over 800 of them. But after getting new blisterwood stakes - and calming down, because I again was yelling at my poor innocent laptop - I decided to try for the last time that day. I felt like I actually stood a chance, I was getting the hang of evading those bloody and darkness special attacks. I just hoped there wouldn't be many of them. I preferred the bloodveld killing. And I got lucky: Suddenly the guy changed into mist, and I found myself pouring holy water all over the place and luring the mist in it. And then, after all that time, I managed to defeat him. Suddenly Mr Vanstrom Klaus was dead. "Yay ME!" I thought.

So thus it came to it that, when I got 74 firemaking, I was completely convinced I could defeat the Char at the end of that quest. After all, I defeated that Vanstrom guy, right? Wrong. It started out fairly okay, with puzzles I actually liked, with red, yellow and blue powder making all kinds of firey patterns on the floor using Flint's pitch can. And the group of firemakers reached the final cave, and, it being a quest, I had to confront Char.

And I did.
And I died.
And died again. And again. And again. And again.

Frustration grew as I kept dying and I started yelling at my poor innocent laptop again (it's a miracle that thing never goes on strike) and wishing JaGex all kinds of real nasty diseases.
I decided to leave Char in the lurch for a moment. And do something simple, like woodcutting yews.

Nice and easy.
While in the back of my mind a tiny voice is nagging me about Char.

She's one tough Lady!

I enjoy reading this blog, it's told as a nice story.
Char was easy took me two attempts, but I managed it, Vamstrom on the other hand... :angry: we just won't mention his name rofl

With Char I found if you click on the mini map as far away as possible, then spam click the fire can thing, you run and light fires, try to keep to 7 minimum, and when she is white run to the water, as long as I keep running I was fine, the more fires you have the harder you hit her. :) I am possitive you can do it!! (if you have not already) x

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