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Eat my dust, Char

Posted by IamTardis, 16 April 2012 · 1,159 views

Y'all remember a couple of blogs ago I told you about Char? That fiery lady whom I could not beat?
Well, of course the story didn't end there, because I kept on trying. I figured if I practised enough on battling her, I'd finally get the hang of it. At first, I had to learn to stay away from her when she was white. Wowsers, she hits real hard when she's glowing white. Second, I had to make sure I had a fast range-weapon. Or at least, most of the guides told me. So after some deliberation, I settled on steel darts. I bought like 3k or so of them at the GE, because I really thought I'd need them. I had to practise a lot.
So then it was that I could survive for a while, and even hurt Char. Most of the time, I managed to keep like 5 or 6 fires lit. I discovered that isn't enough if you want to make a real impact on her. So next on my list was learning how to keep more fires going. That took me a lot of videoguides (thank Guthix for youtube). Last week I saw a guide which clearly aimed at keeping Char wandering around in circles in the middle of the room, while keeping fires going at the edges of the room. That way, it's much more difficult for Char to stomp out your fires. I thought that was a great idea, practised a little on it - dying a couple of times of course - and last Saturday I knew how to keep like 10+ fires going. And I was actually getting to the point that I thought: "Hey it's actually easy to keep going 10+ fires if you know the trick". And with like 10 fires going, you can hit Char in the four-digit-numbers, which speeds up the killing a lot. I was quite happy with the way things were progressing.

And then that wall of fire raged through the room.
And I died, not being able to navigate that gap fast enough.

I put runescape aside quite angrily, and decided to play some guitar to calm down.
But of course I couldn't stay away for long. Thinking it over, I realized I was almost there, the only thing left standing between me and victory was learning how to get through that gap in the firewall. So once again I took to youtube, watching videoguides and paying extra attention to those moving firewalls. I observed everything about how other players did it, how they ran, how they clicked and their video-angle. Taking my cues from that, I decided to try again yesterday afternoon, and after a couple of failed attempts (and dying :) ) I managed to get the hang of "gapping".

Feeling like I was really getting close now, I decided to try again, and again. And in the end on Sunday afternoon, Char suddenly said to me it was enough and she felt beaten by me.

I did it!

I stared numbly at the screen at first, just couldn't believe I did it. Then when the message got home, I jumped up from my chair, dancing and jumping around the living room, while yelling: "I did it! I did it!". It felt real good.

And as I type this blog, I find myself smiling again.
It still feels good.
I did it.

*hugs* Congratulations <3
Sounds like an epic journey, congratulations on making it.
Wow, well done! You're obviously not one to give up easily - congratulations! :thumbsup:
Congratulation I knew you could do it :mrgreen:

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