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Blood, blood and more blood than Blood Runes



Well, these last 5 days were the worst, nose bleeds has been happening everyday or so, at random times.


In my sleep, when I'm taking my shower, at school, etc. I can't really stop it much, just plug my nose with some rolled up tissues, and a cold cloth on my forehead.

This is my second version of Hell, with blood :(-.-


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Did you go to the doctor or something? I have about the same problem with my nose.Even if I just give it a bump or blow my nose harder, bam, blood comes out. I asked a doctor about it and he said that it has to do with the fact that my blood vessels from the nose are a bit weak.He could've prescribed something for that to strenghten them up but I refused. A family friend, which worked in a hospital for about 40 years said that the "problem" is a good fact because the blood pressure doesn't rise a lot, thus it won't lead to worse.

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this happens to me all the time, and it could partially be because you're dehydrated a little, and when you get too hot like when you're in the shower it helps...


funny story about getting too...hot... I was dating this girl while this started up and I went to her house, we got a little hot and heavy, and my nose exploded all over my favorite shirt and boxers >.>


totally ruined the moment haha

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I'm going to the doctor soon and see whats the problem.


Its probably the water I've been drinking with I added powered sachet into it. Its Mango Tropic Flavored, but it could be the cause of all these blood leaks since it has a high sugar rate in them. :mellow:

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Lovin the story peg.

But yeah it probably has to do with blood pressure and the strength of blood pressure. Just shove tampons in your nose or see a Dr. you should be fine though.

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A friend of mine had that same problem, he would just get consistent nose bleeds, and not from watching women either. They removed something in his nasal passage which drastically stopped the nose bleeds.

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