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I May Have A Problem




Something very frightening happened to me today.


A friend and I were smacking a volleyball around, when we decided we may as well go down to the sand court and get a game going there.


Knowing that it would be busy on a nice, sunny day at the beginning of summer, my friend questioned whether or not it would be too busy with little kids and obese people to even bother trying.


At which point I replied:

"It's fine; if it's busy, we'll just hop worlds."


I was not kidding. I was not playing dumb. I honestly thought that Life, My Life, was a multi-server MMORPG for a moment.


I think that I might be taking a break from playing.



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It probably just came out on accident, things happen. What did your friend say?


Ummm... are you playing RuneScape again?

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lol (no disrespect with it)


No way dude: I've always hated people who do that:


If you post something stupid/funny on the internet, expect to get laughed at.

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