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Darkwitchery's bank pic.




I took these pics almost a week ago because a friend really wanted to see it. My herblore and my farming tab has increased quite a lot imo since then from farming and thieving so yeah :thumbsup: Have fun!


Stuff I usually need a lot such as money, runes and tele items. A d pick usually sits there as well but that was out on loan at the time.


[hide] mybank3rdJulytab1.png [/hide]


My farming tab. The four crap herb seeds are at the top and the better ones are in order of level at the bottom. So ranarr, toadflax, irit, avantoe, kwuarm, snap, cadantine, lantadyme, dwarf weed.


[hide] tab2farming.png [/hide]


My herblore tab. Since that picture was taken i've gotten 500 ranarrs, a couple of hundred irits and avantoes but not much change in any other items. I am most proud of this one <3: Currently coming to 160m and getting bigger all the time.


[hide] tab3herblore.png [/hide]


Cooking tab for food and stuff.


[hide] tab4cookingandfood.png [/hide]


"Equiptables". I pretty much stick to my same trusty dragon armour and never really buy more stuff.


[hide] tab5equiptables.png [/hide]


I'm missing one of my tabs, the "pots" one. It doesn't have much apart from about 50 extreme att and str pots, a couple hundred anti-fire, some anti-poison and 11k super attacks. I only make pots when I need them now. But this one is "other skill stuff". And that's evil tree kindling that I have 3.5k of :blink:


[hide] tab7otherskills.png [/hide]


And the last one is a tab I call "Things i need to sell". Which I will clear out sometime soon, when it gets too full.


[hide] tab8thingstosell.png [/hide]



So that's my bank tif chat.



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I didn't think you merchanted, how did you make that money? Like fishing sharks to 99 and stuff like that?

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