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Point-counterpoint: Should the Zamorakians build an altar in Varrock?



We must respect religious freedom

By a citizen of Varrock


Like many of my fellow citizens, I am a dedicated follower of Saradomin, the god of justice and wisdom. I know that many of my fellow Saradominists are in an uproar over the chaos monks' plans to erect a shrine to Zamorak in north Varrock, near the site of the devastating zombie invasion that claimed so many lives, but I simply cannot understand their outrage.


Our city has a proud tradition of religious tolerance. The outcry is based on the disgusting stereotype that all Zamorakians are evil. Friends, I understand that we all have strong feelings about the attack, but not all followers of chaos are necromancer lords bent on destroying and enslaving us all. This is a group of peaceful monks who happen to follow an evil god, not some deranged necromancy cult. To abandon our principles merely out of fear is a victory for those same necromancer lords!


Besides, the offending altar is hardly a full temple--it's merely a modest shrine with a small chaos altar. And are we forgetting that there is already a Zamorakian church only a few blocks away?


These people are citizens of Varrock just like you and me, and they have all the rights that entails. We need to respect those rights.



Yes, we are definitely not evil

By Monk of Zamorak


Yes, please, do not alarm yourselves. We are merely a peaceful group of religious pilgrims wishing to enact a shrine to the glorious Lord of Chaos who shall one day rise up and feast in your slaughter. There are no unholy diagrams concealed under the floors, and certainly no plans to use them to perform any ancient rituals to summon K'resh, Devourer of Life to unleash upon your unsuspecting city a torment so horrible that you will beg for death even before it begins.


Were we truly bent on taking over your disgusting town, we would find it deliciously ironic that it would be your own pathetic moral code that would have heralded your destruction, but I assure you that we have no such intentions because we are honest citizens who merely wish to honor Zamorak, who we certainly do not believe is better than your god, or that he would kick your god's butt in a fight if your god weren't such a safer n00b.


I laugh at your puny opposition. That's what I would say if I were evil, but since I am not evil, I am not saying it.


Recommended Comments


Most Varrockian Zamorakians do not even have ties to necromancy at all. I find it ridiculous that so many people think these individuals should be denied the right to practice their religion simply because that religion has a reputation of raising undead hordes to cause mass destruction.

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I see what you are trying to do here, except that pretty much all Zamorakians are evil, yet the real life example are not. You are just talking about a small radical group.

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Noone knows but they were actually 3 brothers, 3 great men each with their own charastics.

Saradomin only did good, which upset his brother zamorak since saradomin was getting all the credit, if zamorak did something good it went unnoticed.

Zamorak started to do evil things and quickly noticed he enjoyed this far more than doing good.

But this evil helped many people who were in need of some kind of revolution.

You know what they say, one man's death is anothers man's bread.

Before the third son was born the unknown father died and when giving birth the mother died.

Little guthix was born and he had the charastics and the memories of both his older brothers.

Once he reached the age of 16, he received the gift of telepathy, each time he used this gift he growed seemingly older.

With this gift he could influence and talk to both his brothers without them ever knowing about his gift.

Guthix used his gift whenever saradomin or zamorak would make a mess out of the situation.

Guthix was a great man, good nor evil he always remained neutral but couldn't tip the fame his brothers had.

But using his gift too many times took his toll and guthix was on the last remaining of his strenght.

With his last strenght guthix called upon both his brothers to wish them farewell.

When saradomin and zamorak neared guthix they reached for his hands, as soon as they touched magic flew trough all three brothers for the first time.

A bright glow was seen from outside the house where guthix was resting his final moments.

As curieous as people are not many dared to set foot in his house to see what was going on, but the few who did all told the same story.

The three brothers formed a single star which was glowing very bright, they had to close their eyes shut because the glow was just too bright, suddenly it went dark and as they opened up their eyes they saw some dust flying around but no brothers.


People than made a pact and promised eachother they would tell great stories about these three heroes so they would live on forever in our memories.


A couple of thousand years has past since then, modern technoglogy (updates) is rewriting history (lore) as we speak, perhaps it's not all as we thought it was.

Perhaps each story teller added his own little twist to history....



Not as good as yours but i hope it's a nice addition to read :)

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I wish we could give eachother 'credit' or 'bounty' for awesome posts or something because this is one of the best posts I have ever seen. Period. You do an excellent job of stating a point (that I happen to agree with) without being specific, although I think everyone knows what you mean.


*Doff's Hat to Troacctid*

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I see what you are trying to do here, except that pretty much all Zamorakians are evil, yet the real life example are not. You are just talking about a small radical group.

Yeah, I was playing with the concept, thinking of who would write the counterpoint. I settled on this version because I thought it would be funny if in Runescape, they really were evil. I wouldn't read too much into the second part if I were you. :razz:

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