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  1. Hiker is still labelled sex offender for that?!? I know people whom did far worse things (but i'm not going into detail about that) and they're not even labelled sex offender. (Don't get me wrong you single minded freaks! :P i'm not approving any of it) One could say once a thief always a thief but is one a thief if he stole once? Is one a sailor if he sailed once? Is one a pilot if he flew once? You guys and gals believe what you want, but in my eyes this whole deal is blown way out of proportions! I won't deny the fact that for instance a thief who stole once and got caught yet doesn't realises it's in his own advantage, who will never steal again because he learned his lesson sooner than later still has the urge to steal, the fact that he no longer commits the act is what makes him stronger. But then again a person like that could not be trusted, that is true but it's not necessary to trust that person. It's like a dog which out of nowhere severly attacked someone, in our sociaty we would put the dog down while we could just muzzle it and try to make the dog see that it made a mistake, hell it's only a dog! Hell we're only people we all make mistakes and you wouldn't wish for yourself that you had to pay for it the rest of your life if you did something (very) stupid, so you can't go out and be the hypocrite wishing this one someone else. (I'm looking at the people behind Jagex) All i can say is that i'm not proud of Jagex and even less proud of Hiker, damn you :( It's all a shame though :( Ah well Svs signing off.
  2. Wee i still live! Thanks, i don't think i'll be getting 200m... XD Sometime soon i'll be back online. Pc was busted for like 5 months cba to had it fixed lal. 4 months 17 days since last login :P
  3. Oh i haven't even thought of that... interesting :) What i would do would depend on the situation.
  4. So Duke Nukem FOREVER isn't a spoof? Nooo waaaay....
  5. If you drink a full glass till the middle the glass is half empty. If you fill an empty glass till the middle it's half full. How many men does it requires to dig half a pit, size is irrelevant. Think about that.
  6. With a cannon placed correctly and at your stats you'll kill a lot before they can even deal damage. You'll mostly make more money back then you wasted on your balls anyway.
  7. I don't have a favourite player but if my life depended on it i'd choose piranha first to get to 99 mining. I remember bumping onto him in the mining guild ages ago, he was also probably one of the oldest players on RS he was 58 years old when he got 99 mining :o Cool fella full of old stories but then he never came online again, maybe he passed away?
  8. What bosses are you looking to do? Anyway all round slayer and bosses rapier would be best. Edit: Here's another thread about it http://forum.tip.it/topic/275970-rapier-or-longsword/
  9. Then my game is bugged because it takes me just a little over 2 hours for all 6 fruits to grow back on my palm trees. 0.o?
  10. Try a place near a bank with loads of monsters where people don't pick up the bones, i have no suggestions where you could do this though. or does everyone in f2p picks up bones?
  11. It's not only herbs, also seeds and a lot of supplies used in herblore/summoning.
  12. By multiplying monsters killed with prayer experience...
  13. Actively slaying i lost 100k prayer exp in 2 months (3 tasks/day average) by not having a crusher. You figure out for yourself if that's worth it. Reason i'm not getting one is cause i'm saving up for a rapier, i think i'll get it within the next 3 years, i'm at 36k tokens atm and DUNG REEKS OF POO! Anyway if you aren't saving up for anything and you don't hate dung as much as me and you also kill lots of metals and fire giants and whatnot then get a crusher.
  14. And they look like sith lords from star wars, but not any kind of sith lords, those robotic sith lords!
  15. At your level, maging would be best as you would probably hit zero too many times XD Bring 1 antifire and 1 pray pot just incase, fill rest with monkfish and/or shark anything lower might not be sufficient.
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