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Your Invited!




<3: You are cordially invited to the wedding of Emmace (A Mace) and Sangrina3! <3:


These two have long had an on-off relationship, mostly due to Emmace's reluctance to give up his well earned bachelor status, and Sangrina's refusal to leave a Smithing Anvil for more than thirty seconds at a time. However, a compromise has been struck, and they will now tie the knot in true Runescape fashion!


Emmace is a long standing member of the Brotherhood of Farming Assasains, and is widely considered to be one of the most handsome males in existance. He has well earned the reputation of having no mercy, as his favourite method of asssaination is 'Death by Secataurs'. He is wanted in many lands, but half of those lands aren't for murder, but rather so that princesses and the like can kidnap him and force him to marry them.


Sangrina is more mysterious, being from a far land somewhere in the depths of the Wilderness, and was raised on violence, only to give up her murderous ways and join the Monastery of Smithers. The more violent aspects of her personaility have been buried as deep down as she could manage, but those that have irritated her in recent years have gone missing with no evidence or reason why.


The ceremony will be based in the Chaos Temple in high north-west of the Wilderness (symbolising the deep-down but volatile tendancys of both the bride and groom to dismember people that annoy them), and will take place on the 2nd of Febuary (Groundhog Day rules meaning we can relive the service over and over and over again with no consequences!) at 6:66pm GMT (7:06pm technically, but 6:66pm has more of a ring to it according to both parties).


Groom - Emmace (A Mace)

Bride - Sangrina3

Vicar - Serpent Eye

Father of the Bride - TheKoolKandy

Best Man - Iiccee

Maid of Honour - Darkwitchery (Woodenfruit)

Bridesmaids - Muffin Maddy, Shyla, Cowman133

Limo Driver - Rainy Day


After ariving at the Chaos Temple, the couple will be united in wedding rites that well fit their evil, corrupted and meglomaniac personailities. The exact details won't be announced until the actual service, but we can promise a lot of blood!


We hope to see you there! :twisted:


DISCLAIMER: This wedding will be extremely dangerous, and the risk of losing your life, sanity or goldfish is extremely high!


DISCLAIMER #2: This wedding is actually fake, as any that know both Sangrina and Emmace know that they are both secretly in love with Dragonkng198, and thus, would not marry anyone else in the hope that they will one day be able to claim him!





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I wonder how many people will turn up with wedding gifts... *Sharpens dclaws and grabs teleblocks*


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