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Ganoderps! 1/5!






1/5 of my Ganoderp goal done, which is to have 100 Polypore sticks banked saving all loot apart from Mushrooms and Neem ^^ (Current price check is 85m+)


The gems are mainly from Bork, the herbs from farming (or ROW drops) and the runes from doing some barrows as well as Wicked Hood :D


The herbs and seeds are in order, and the 3 rune ore and 125 mud runes are from randomly killing a Patriarch that Octarine called <3:


So yeah :P Making bank, stuff like that, kthxbai, I love you all <3



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Yeah that's some ridicuf***ed loot, I should really aim for 96 after I get Abyssals..This is insane :shock: ...


What's your goal anyway?


EDIT: I ganoderp'd @ Goal..

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