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Back into the Slayer game.

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After taking a break from Slayer to get 80 Fishing (From 75), 80 Cooking (From 75) and 75 Agility (From 71, which I got while Fishing), I've gotten back into Slayer. Returning to my task of 211 Waterfiends. I've got to go back and take down 70 more fiends of water! I'm hoping for a Dagannoth task, really, so I can Balmung/Slayer Mask/Super potions my way through the task. After going back to Slayer, i've gone back to my 'I'll get 99 Defence one day' mood. :D


Suprisingly, I wasn't hacked with the other 749,999 other people that were meant to be hacked! WOW! #-o


That's all for now, until next time! ~Daxter.

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