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  1. TY for this quite useful bit of information. I knew that you could re-cast GS but didn't know there was a Quick Cast option. BTW I am posting to ask how I can join DGS. I added all the leaders & moderators in game... or am I supposed to post on the RSOF somewhere? It says you are not recruiting, but that that warning only applied to non-tip.it members. Also I am an EXPERIENCED KEYER (keyed 95-99% of my dungeons from 50-85).
  2. I beat him easily on the first try using a guide on this forum. Seriously, Nomad is a piece of cake. Use the Pillar Method. I beat him with 88 Range, 86 Defense and 94 Constitution. If you follow the guide carefully it is not EVEN a challenge. Just find it on the forum (might have even been in the quest guide?) EDIT: Yes, the guide is actually IN the quest guide and not on the forums. Follow the instructions and it is seriously no problem. Pay special attention the the last stage (Rapid melee attacks, 200+ dmg.) The "hit-and-run" tactic is VITAL. Also, make sure you use brews to ABOVE YOUR MAX LP when he does the special attack that hits Max LP - 1.
  3. 1. I am trying to reach 99 in all melee combat stats (Atk, Str, Def) and Range. My current exp values are: Attack - 91 - 6,223,251 Strength - 96 - 10,692,629 Defense - 86 - 3,972,294 Ranged - 90 - 5,902,831 I want to be able to do Nex (& other GWD bosses.) I have a Chaotic Longsword & would be training mainly on Slayer monsters. My question is, would it be more time efficient to go back to Dungeoneering and get a Chaotic Rapier before attempting to get all my 99s? I am roughly 18m experience from 99 in all melee skills. Assuming an average xp rate of 60k/hr, that is approximately 300 hours. I am 166k tokens away from a Chaotic Rapier. Assuming 6k tokens per hour, that is around 28 hours of Dungeoneering. Would it be better to get a Chaotic Crossbow in the same amount of time, to make my Ranged training faster? Would it be better to get a Chaotic Maul for any reason? Would it be better just to train with my Chaotic Longsword? 2. My other goal is 95 Prayer. I am currently 40-50m away from the ~125m I need. I want to unlock Juju Hunter potions to increase my profit from herb farming runs. My current Hunter level/xp is 65/496,254. What are the fastest training methods for me, disregarding every other factor except MOST XP/hr? How many hours would it take for me to get to Lv74? Based on this, is it worth the time for me to raise my Hunter level in order to get more money from herb runs? (I make avg 200k per herb run, other primary source of income is MTK and monster hunting.) 3. I know from past experience, before limits were removed from GE, that flipping can be the highest profit maker. I -really- want to get the money I need for 95 Prayer. Are there any guides about flipping, possibly explaining how to make profit with the least amount of risk? Or how to pick good items to flip? Are there any Merchanting clans that exist outside of RS clan chat (where 99% of them are scams)? Thank you for your responses.
  4. Woooow really? That's awesome! : ) Ok ty for clearing that up you guys.
  5. I was just killing Kalphite Soldiers and something rather unusual happened. Notice the 50 noted Rune Bars in my inventory? They suddenly appeared on the ground... Now, I am pretty sure that Kalphite Soldiers don't drop 650k worth of Rune Bars at a time, even though my Ring of Wealth DID glow... :blink: The only other explanation I can think of is that two BOTS were there gathering Potato Cacti, I suppose it's possible that one of those bots dropped all these rune bars for some weird reason...? One of them had just returned from the bank, maybe his bot program accidentally withdrew them and is programmed to drop anything that isn't a potato cactus... But still, a nice surprise when killing a monster with virtually no good drops. :P So is it possible that a Kalphite Soldier would've dropped these? Or was it a bot error?
  6. To train Dungeoneering effectively in a few easy steps: 1. Use Penguin Points/Lamps/etc. until Lv50+ 2. Go to Daemonheim and do all the floors you can access as a SMALL, COMPLEXITY 1, SOLO. 3. After you have a check-mark for every floor (1-25 if you are Lv50), do a reset! (this step sets your prestige to the highest possible level) 4. Re-do all the floors you can access as small, c1 solo EXCEPT FOR THE HIGHEST 6-7 FLOORS YOU CAN ACCESS. (1-18 small c1 if you can access f25) 5. Do the remaining floors as either MEDIUM or LARGE, COMPLEXITY 6, 5:5. Some people prefer Mediums due to less time investment, however it has been proven that Larges have the best overall time/xp ratio. Few tips: It is important, after the initial run to get Prestige up, to do the LOWER FLOORS FIRST (during the Prestige run it doesn't matter.) This is so that, if you gain a level during the first few large dungeons & get access to a new floor, your prestige will be as high as possible by the time you do the highest floor you can reach (to maximize exp.) BIND COSMICS e In c1 dungeon you can't use the ggs teleport or make runes, however if you bind cosmics you can still use regular gatestones. Since the c1 rushes yield practically no exp to begin with, you can literally suicide-rush through the dungeon. If you die, your gatestone drops wherever you did, so you can just click a button and continue where you left off. Combine this with infinite home teleports and you can navigate a small c1 rush almost twice as fast... especially useful for finishing off bosses quickly. LEARN TO KEY YOUR OWN LARGE DUNGEONS! This is just my personal preference, but by learning to key efficiently, I never had to rely on anyone else for the success of my team. Use the Tip.it Dungeon Map Tool (under Special Calcs) and it's a breeze. HAVE A LEVEL CUT-OFF! If you are Lv120 combat, don't accept any team members under Lv115 or so. Make exceptions for lower-combat players with unusually high skill-totals, as these can be even more useful. That is all I can think of at the moment, besides that just do enough dungeons to be familiar with the protocol for every single room. If you know exactly what to do when a room pops up, and you key your own dungeons, I guarantee you can always complete a large in 1 hour or less.
  7. EDIT: Also what is its approximate prayer drain? (Compared to Rapid Restore, Compared to Pray Melee, Compared to Piety etc., please not in Pts Per Min)
  8. You're probably right, since you can get Charms, Effigies, Elite Clues and Dragon Plate pieces too ... Plus they're just more fun.
  9. I can complete about 6-8 Barrows runs per hour or kill approx. 20 Tormented Demons per hour. In your opinion, which option is more likely to yield a higher mils/hour ratio?
  10. TY, already decided to do those before I even checked. :P
  11. Trying to get my last requirement for Nomad (60-65 Hunter).
  12. Same for ectofunctus I assume? Well, I doubt anyone could tell me how many bones you can manually bury per hour, since that's dinosaur age prayer training ... DOES anyone have a rough estimate on that? I could buy normal bones and count for 10 mins, then multiply by 6. EDIT: Would you say more or less than 500? EDIT: Oh wait that would make it pointless and [developmentally delayed]ed to train prayer during bonus XP since Gilded Altar is 3.5x normally.
  13. Can anyone answer the same question but with D.Bones per hour on a Gilded Altar? (for my GF she's going prayer)
  14. Well unfortunately I will have to stew for the first 60/90 minutes of training until I reach 88, but since the bonus XP timer doesn't count down while in the lobby, I should be able to get close to the same number of actual potions per game hour. I thought it was more than 1,000, if I can pull off even 1,300 for the first two hours I will be able to reach my goal of 91 Herblore this time around. Thanks for your advice. : )
  15. I mean how many Super Attack (3)'s and Avantoes could I successfully combine into Extreme Attacks per hour? Trying to make some calculations for bonus xp weekend ... is it around 1,000? I did extensive amounts of potion making before, but forget about how many I made per hour.
  16. I have SS Hood and Prom 2h. :P Sooooo if I have melee defense I should pray mage, and if I had like full hides I should pray melee?
  17. What is the easiest way to make a Promethium weapon while in a dungeon so that you can bind it? The cost of Promethium Ore is really high ... doesn't a 2H Sword take five of these? At what floor level is it even plausible that you'd be able to make one?
  18. Although training monsters have low defense, many people also choose to train by doing Slayer. For the Slayer monsters with slightly higher defense like Hellhounds, an accuracy bonus of 7 would be equal in my opinion to 7 strength.
  19. I do have Super Antifires, but if you were using anything other than a rune defender, Korasi's wouldn't match up to a ZS. So, I use them at Iron/Steel Dragons anyway. You're neglecting the fact that the only way this setup is inferior to Z Spear is a minor -7 Stab bonus. I would trade 7 Stab points for Korasi's superior special attack any day ... on Slayer tasks the special frequently hits above 700. Also, with Korasi's Sword I would honestly never use a SS for slash. Korasi + Rune Def has 7 more Slash accuracy than a Sara Sword plus 20 more Slash and Stab defense as well as 18 more Crush defense. I'm not trying to tell you it's a substitute ... With these defense bonuses plus a special attack 90% as powerful as D Claws spec, Korasi's is EQUAL to either of these more expensive weapons. Obviously the #1 use for a SS is to train Strength, since the Abyssal Whip can't. Korasi's ability to train Strength with Slash attack style is overwhelming because it's Slash attack style is ... AS STRONG AS A ZS AND MORE ACCURATE THAN A SS. This makes it a complete replacement for Strength training with Slash ... currently the most popular use of SS. Korasi's doesn't deserve to be put into a lower class. For the players who actually qualify to get it, it's a free replacement for two of the more expensive and powerful weapons in RS.
  20. Actually I didn't know that, which puts that in a different light ... But thank you for agreeing with my other points. :P EDIT: I just hit a 650 and a 720 with Korasi's spec ... scratch it not being as good as D Claws. :P Obviously it's not for bosses, but for slayer I think it passes the test.
  21. The fact is that this weapon easily outclasses both LBS and D.Scim, both weapons that people still frequently use. But Korasi's actually goes further than that, to being within a hair as good as ZS and SS, even surpassing them in some ways. In single combat, Korasi's spec is even 80% as useful as a Dragon Claws spec. I hit frequent 500+ with Korasi's spec and it only takes 10% more special energy than a Dragon Claws spec ... if you are using this weapon for training, you could be using Recover Special and then you CAN spec twice in a row. Dragon Claws will only do an extra 100 DMG per spec on average ... so while Korasi's spec isn't as good for multi-combat, it's NEARLY as good as Claws in single combat. Just another comparison showing that Korasi's is not just a "decent, cheap weapon." This is proven by the fact that the only thing you can effectively compare it to are the best weapons in the game. Finally, although all the people in this thread are apparently RuneScape royalty, my bankroll only adds up to about 60m. The fact that one weapon costing 200k can do 90% of the things that ZS, SS and D Claws can do, I'd rather not have 75% of my total GP tied up in expensive toys.
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