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  1. i didn't post too often but i remember some names: darkrick, mercifull, dusqi, lionheart something or other, nadril, indy500fan.
  2. if you're going to start a discussion that involves economics then why use the word capital as a synonym for money? to sound smarter?
  3. i have a slayer task that requires me to kill 106 harpie bug swarms. i bought two lanterns from the slayer master but i'm wondering if its enough. how long do they stay lit for? forever? combat is 79 if its important.
  4. dierienow

    Eve Online.

    It's an amazing game with a mature community but the stores around here don't sell Eve Time Cards.
  5. First it was Global Cooling in the '70's and now it's "Global Warming"? The only "Global Warming" happening is occuring in the vicinity of Al Gore's mouth.
  6. I remember the day I started and there was a new update that introduced the wilderness. Five years ago I guess?
  7. I'd rather have a few red bumps on my face for a short period of time than a lifetime of scars.
  8. Sounds like WoW/SWG/runescape Better luck next time :roll:
  9. The Balrog thing kinda looks like Diablo.
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